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Best Amber Teething Necklace Brand

Amber teething necklaces are becoming ever more popular in today’s market. But if you’ve yet to hear of them, there are a few things you should know. Just because they are called teething necklaces does not mean they are meant to be chewed on. Amber teething necklaces are meant to be worn by a teething baby. This is because the necklaces produce succinic acid, which is a natural anti-inflammatory immune booster that’s antioxidant-rich, calming, and soothing. You may be wondering: Which amber necklace should I get? Which ones really work as they’re supposed to? What company should I purchase from? These are all valid questions to ask when buying items for your child.


What to Look for When Purchasing Best Amber Teething Necklaces

You need to look for a few things when purchasing an amber teething necklace. Keep in mind these are necklaces with tiny little beads on a string that you are going to be putting on your child; there are a few safety features and other things you should check out before you purchase.

Make Sure You are Getting Amber

A number of different sellers out there that will try to trick you into buying glass or plastic. Never buy any amber stone that is round. Amber is not round. It is an imperfect gemstone, and each one should be a little different from the last.

Safety Features

The necklace should have a knot in between every single bead. It should also have a safe twist-in or pop-in backing, no clasps. This is going on your child’s neck. Everything about the necklace should be neat and tight, including the cord the necklace has been strung on.

Know Where Your Amber is Coming from

You should always be aware of the kind of amber you are buying. No other amber works as effectively or in the same manner as Baltic amber. Also, make sure it is in raw form. This is the only way to ensure the acid is properly released and can do its job.

The Top Amber Brands

Hazelaid Baltic Amber Super Butter 11/10 strength Semi Polish Twist or pop clasp
Hazelaid Baltic Amber Honey for Kids 8/10 strength Full Polish Twist or pop clasp
Hazelaid Baltic Amber Milk and Butter 10/10 strength Full Polish Twist or pop clasp


Amber Necklace for Teething Children
  1. Hazelaid Baltic Amber Super Butter


This necklace will work wonders for your little one. It’s made of a lighter colored amber, and it can be made with either a pop or twist clasp, your choice. The typical bead size ranges from 3 to 4 mm; however, each one may be a little bit different from the next. The necklace comes with a safety release and has a knot between each bead since it is going to be placed around a baby’s neck. The string is made of a durable cotton, and this particular necklace is said to have a pain relief rating of 11 out of 10. That means this necklace is so good that it goes above and beyond the rating system. Parents seem to love this trinket and freak out if they lose it because it works so well. If your child has very severe teething issues, you may want to invest in one of these awesome little items.

Coming in a Close Second

2. Hazelaid Baltic Amber Milk and Butter

his necklace may fall in line second, but what a second-in-command it is. It comes with all of the same features that the Super Butter does but is a little less potent because some of the beads are not as lightly colored, which diminishes the effectiveness. This particular necklace may also be slightly less effective because the amber has been polished. Still, a strength score of 10/10 is nothing to scoff at. Each one of these necklaces is meticulously handmade, so it’s very important to know that—while production may take a while—these necklaces are made with care. Just like with the Super Butter necklace, the stones will vary slightly in size and shape.

Third in the Running

3. Hazelaid Baltic Amber Honey for Kids

Even though this necklace is third on the list, it is still an effective teething necklace. It has a strength score of 8/10, and while this is not the highest scoring necklace on our best-of-the-best list, it is still a very solid choice. This type of amber can be used for older children who have already done most of their teething but still experience slight pain occasionally. It is not meant for the serious teether who is in constant pain. If you have one of those you can try the number one necklace on this list, but if your child does not need extensive treatment, the Honey for Kids necklace will do the job.

Which One to Choose

That decision is ultimately up to you; however, you need to look at your obstacles and compare them to your options. The number one choice in amber teething necklaces for children—theHazelaid Baltic Amber Super Butter—has great reviews, is proven to be Baltic amber, and has superb strength ratings. If you have a very young or unruly teether, this may be the best option for you. If your teething baby is not as fussy or is a little bit older, you may want to go for the second best necklace. The Hazelaid Baltic Amber Honey for Kids would be sufficient for a child who is not in extreme amounts of pain. If you are looking for a necklace for an older child or a child that is almost finished teething, go with the third choice. The amber on the Hazelaid Baltic Amber Milk and Butter is polished and your child will be able to wear the necklace out and about in style. No matter which option you choose, always make sure you are getting real Baltic amber from a reputable company.

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