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Your Guide for Best Beach Makeup Look

Are you also one of them who love to get into the beaches and enjoy the watery waves and spend some quality time in the sandy atmosphere? Well, most of us like to have a gala time around the beaches. They are for the leisure and relaxation undoubtedly. And certainly, they have some magic to leave us awestruck. Beaches where on one hand gave us mushy-mushy feeling; the sun striking above the head and the blowing winds all around are powerful enough to give us a look like a zombie. Familiar with this, right? Been there; experienced that? So, this is the right time to give a look on how to prepare yourself and get best beach makeup look before heading towards the beach.

If you are still thinking that can we really get the makeup on while going out to a beach then my dear friend the answer is YES. You can have different beach makeup looks like a natural summer eye makeup, where you just highlight the eyes emphasizing much on the lashes and lower lids. You can have a simple pastel flowery look that gives a natural as well as beachy outgo.

However, the fresh wavy and watery look are quite famous where one go for the natural colors that compliment the skin tone. But one thing and the most crucial of all is to keep all essentialities waterproof. You are going to the beach and of course, you’ll encounter water as well, maybe take a few dips in the ocean too. So keeping the makeup safe and that too for a longer period of time should be the foremost priority.

Other than making plans to spend the weekend at the beach, there are certain important things to heed upon. The familiarity with beach makeup essentials should be the primary concern.

Does sun damage hamper your idea of enjoyment in the beaches? Do you fear that the makeup you’ll put will melts off in the hard sun or get washed away with the dives you are going to make? Don’t worry. We are here to give an idea of some essentialities, along with tips to get the best beach makeup look you always craved for.

Firstly, you need a good waterproof sunscreen to let the fear vanish about sun damage. Nowadays there are a number of sunscreens available that not only guarantees to protect your skin from the sun damage but also moisturize it, giving a supple feeling. Opt for them. Apply sunscreen all over your body including the arms and legs to shield the skin from harmful sun rays. Leave it as such for 20 minutes to absorb effectively in the skin before proceeding to other products.

Try to avoid greasy and creamy look since you are on a beach and of course don’t want to look as if your face is melting off. A good foundation and concealer are the best options to get the glow and to hide all the blemishes in the face that become quite visible in the daylight. Bronzers enhance the natural color of the skin, giving a tan-matched appearance. They are the best substitute to the glitters and shimmers that will be out of the question for getting the best beach makeup look.

Coming to the lips, the best way to look perfect on the beach is to put the shade best matches to your skin tone. While dark pink or red color will make you look like a party animal, light shaded colors like peach or baby pink will give you a fresh and natural appearance. Go only for lipsticks and never a gloss for the God’s sake. Apart from giving you a wretched look, gloss melts off really fast under the sun, so better keep them for the late night parties.

For the perfect look for eyes, take waterproof mascara and kohl so that even playing in the water won’t make your eyes get dark with the melting colors. For the eye shadow too, take natural and light colors that go well off with sand and water. Peach, beige, baby pink will be suited. Please don’t make your eyes smoky by putting dark eye shadows. You don’t want the zombie look in the water, right?

If you love putting the blushers, try applying them to the apple of the cheeks, working outwards. Generally, powders didn’t really go well with the beach makeup but you can put it in your beach bag for the last touch-up before getting out from your car. Slightly putting it to the t-zone will absorb the extra sweat, giving you a fresh look.

There are different beach makeups for different skin colors as well. If you have dark skin tone, the chances of pigmentation would be higher with you due to extra melanin content. Try to get the foundation that matches best with the lightest area to get even skin color; which is a must have while heading towards a beach. Apply eye shadow and lipsticks that go really well with the skin tone and didn’t make a gusty appearance. And if you have pale or fair skin tone, the natural makeup would be the additional bonus for you to look fresh and vibrant enough for the day out at a beach. You can also try bright shades for lip color and eye shadow so that the need of makeup on the other areas becomes minimal. The bright colors are enough to get all the required attraction. But always remember, choose the colors that compliment your skin tone really well. That’s one secret to get the best beach makeup look.

So the next time when you get that sexy bikini on, keep these makeup tips handy to give yourself a jaw-dropping sensual look for getting all the limelight and making your fellow ladies jealous. Get the best beach makeup, get sun-kissed, get little beachy. Have a Happy Beaching!

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