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Time to Get the Best Sports Bra for Running

If you are active in sports you must be familiar about the sports bra. Hitting the gym and or getting the gym equipment at home is another thing but getting a perfectly fitted sports bra is another. And if you are a runner and sprint long miles to remain young and fit you must have the knowledge about the best sports bra for running. Isn’t it? While running will make you look fit, getting the best sports bra for running will keep your breasts intact. So here we will talk about the best sports bra for running that will make your experience to remain healthy and fit worth remarkable.

Since breasts are made up of fatty tissues and fragile ligaments, they need a good support to remain in a good shape. The fragile ligaments of the breasts are known as Cooper’s ligaments and the bad news is they are not elastic in nature. As we all know while running there is repetitive actions involved that tend to pull these fragile ligaments and exert pressure on them. The breasts bounce while running which forces the fatty muscles and ligaments to stretch unnecessarily. If you are a regular runner and run without wearing a properly fitted bra and more precisely a sports bra it would result in one of the most dreadful nightmares of any women. Yes, you guessed it right, the unattractive sagging breasts.

Once the Cooper’s ligaments got stretched they do not bounce back to attain the former shape. Also if you are going without the accurate support, the breasts, upper back, and shoulder may get worst kind of pain which becomes unbearable with time. As per a study, the breasts moves up and down by 8.5 cm if a women run without wearing a bra. It could be made lesser to 50-60 % if correct sports bra is worn while running. Therefore it becomes highly necessary to put on the right sports bra while running to maintain the shape of the breasts. Although the market is flooded with a number of companies claiming that they have the best sports bra for running but the question is are they all reliable?

The Best Sports Bra Will Give You The Following Features:

A great support while running.
Comfortable feel of the fabric.
Moisture control to keep the sweat at bay.
Chafing as minimum as possible.
Styling as maximum as possible along with comfort.
Can be worn alone or inside a top.
Since these features are the most in demand so based on customers’ reviews and ratings here we have enlisted some of the best sports bras for running. Check them out!

1. REI Cross-Training Bra:


The sports bras from REI Cross are worth splurging upon due to the comfy level and style quotient it endows to its customers. The pocket between the shoulder blades is the add-ons in the bra making it super trendy. The fabric used is extremely soft and comfortable with almost zero chafing.

2. Patagonia Pull-On Mesh Sport:

This sports bra comprises the mesh panels not just in the front but in the back as well making enough space for the air to keep flowing. Of course, while you run you sweat so this could be one ultimate choice as the best sports bra for running d cup size.


3. CW-X Sports Support Bra:


This sleek and elegant looking sports bra gives the perfect tightness without giving the uncomfortable tight feel in the upper body. The support provided by it is superb and the sober look maintains the decorum while running. One can wear it inside the top or alone as well.

4. Brooks Pro-Fit Bra:


The most alluring features of the Brooks Po-Fit sports bra are super supportive fabric, racer back straps, and hook-and-eye clasps. Combining all three gives a great and much desired featured running sports bra. There are removable cup inserts as well in it.The most alluring features of the Brooks Po-Fit sports bra are super supportive fabric, racer back straps, and hook-and-eye clasps. Combining all three gives a great and much desired featured running sports bra. There are removable cup inserts as well in it.

5. Hind Skinny Bra Top:

The bras from Hind Skinny Bra Top come with a vivid range of solid color and pattern. They are stylish enough because of the asymmetrical and attractive back. The other features of it being seamless and highly comfortable are the added advantages. Along with this, the moisture control fabric gives airy ambiance.


6. Nike Sweat Beauty Reversible Sports Top:


When it comes to sports the brand Nike doesn’t need any introduction. It is famous for its wide range of sports products one of which is the sports bra. The Nike Sweat Beauty Reversible Sport Top is a seamless design made with built-in support. The texture of the bra is highly comfortable and provides moisture control as well. The back offers slit open feature giving extra ease while running.

7. Moving Comfort’s Maia Bra:

This is one of the best sports bras for running and is ranked as the most excellent by many users. The comfort level of it will make you wear it even when you are not exercising. It has the hook and eye closure giving it a customized fit. The back opening feature makes it super easy to put on and take off.


The point to remember here is once you try a sports bra in the store just run for 10 to 15 seconds wearing it. Feel how well it is supporting your breasts and how comfortable you are wearing it. Always remember that in a female runner’s life the sports bra is an essential piece of gear. It not just boosts the confidence up while running but also helps to be the best runner one can be. So get yourself the best sports bra for running and show the world your remarkably significant running skills. Get, Set and Go!

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