Choosing the Right Dresses For Your Body Shape

A proper dressing is not just about elegance, but is equally about confidence and image as well. It is needless to say that you must have experienced that sudden boost in your level of confidence when you are out in an outfit that you think is perfect for you, or that is much appreciated by everyone. However, a good proportion of women are left hanging when it comes to choosing the right dress for their body shape. Mostly, they end their dress hunt on the one that may not be the best for them or a wrong one (that is, if not the worst!). Well, if you are one of those, this article may certainly help you get the right dress for your body shape.

At first place you need to realise that there is nothing so complicated involved about it. It is essentially about knowing your body shape. If you know what is that, which exactly would go well with your shape, you wouldn’t be searching the whole market all day, searching a perfect dress. Seriously, save yourself some time!

Knowing  Your Shape and Choosing the Right Dress for Your Body Shape

The fundamental thing is that having a clear head when it comes to your body shape, you will be clear about the dos and don’ts about your dressing and styling. So here is all that you need to know about your body shape and the dress that can fit in.

Rectangular Body Shape

You have a rectangular body if your shoulders, hips, bust and waist are all of about the same width- and there is nothing bad about it. Just that when you are trying to make yourself stand out from the crowd, you must be focusing more if bringing some curves into view. For this, most basically, avoid shapeless or oversized clothes. Dresses with cinches can help defining the waist- avoid belt appearances. A good (bust padded) dress or innerwear or pleated or halter necked tops can be helpful in bringing out light upper body curve. Try some bring colour combinations, tucked in blouses, long jackets and 3/4th sleeves.


Pear Shaped Body

If you have your hips wider than your shoulders while you have a well-defined waist, you have a pear body shape. With a pear shaped body, your focus is on your upper body and shoulder. You need to choose clothes that can add volume to your upper body, giving you a sort of hourglass shape. Choose pants with wide hems, which can balance out your hips. Consider half jackets, neck-wraps, ruffle tops and boat necked tops that can add volumes to your upper body.


Inverted Triangle or Wedge

If you have a broad shoulder and bust accompanied by thinner waist and hips, your body type is wedge or inverted triangle. Of course, here, your goal is to add volume to your lower body while softening your shoulders. Try some wide-hem pants. Experiments with old high-waist stuffs- that’s never out of fashion. Full skirts or Skirts with a bit of folds is certainly a yes. Avoid spaghetti straps or a boat necked ones. The dresses that could clearly define your waist certainly must be give a greater preference and of course, get yourself a good shape-wear.


Apple Shape

If you have sort of a rounded torso with zero waist, you are apple shaped. What you can best do is getting dresses that will apparently elongate the middle region and show off the legs a little. A-lines and empire hems must top the dress list. Choosing V necks will definitely help with an elongated appearance of your torso. Get yourself come cool, well-structured jackets this spring. Adding curves on the chest line (either with chest padded dresses or with a bra that can offer some considerable lift) can help balance the rounded appearance of torso. You can perhaps count on boot cut jeans or a short skirt for a better appearance.


Hourglass Shape

You have an hour glass body shape if your shoulders and hips are of same width and have a well-defined waist. Now that you already have that perfect figure that people crave for, what you need to look for in the dresses you select is balance. Look for dresses that can fit around those curves. Be sure to never add any volume to your waits. Belts with dresses can sure add glamour to the already tiny waist. What’s bad with showing off the perfection? Never go for dresses that would add volume either to your lower body (getting you the pear shape) or to your upper body alone. If you have added a cover up or half jacket, be sure to balance it out with a low waist jeans or skirt that can add an equal volume around your hips.You can try on V-necks, high waist skirts, straight leg jeans and some lightweight clothing.


Search out some cool celebs who share your body shape and complexion- that is certainly goin’ to help you pretty much. Now while keeping your shape in mind, it is you who can understand your body better and get yourself all the attention. Don’t think twice about going strapless with an elegant piece of neck jewellery if you have a great shoulders and hands. Try some short stuff with covered upper body if you’ve got cool legs. Have got a thin waist? Show if off with a waist fit or a cool belt. A shape wear can be always helpful, no matter what shape you have. So choose a good and comfortable shape wear. Don’t worry yourself too much with the trend or the ‘ins’ or the ‘outs’. Your comfort and confidence is what matters, after all, right?

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