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Day to Night Outfits You Should Own This Spring

Workdays can be busy, stressful, and tiring. It’s great to counter these days with a fun and relaxing evening. However, more often than not, we really do not have the time or energy to change from our office attire into a different outfit that is appropriate for a fun night out. We need outfits that can carry us through various occasions throughout the whole day. We need looks that are appropriate for the workplace, and fun for the evening ahead. However, it’s tough to figure out proper work attire, let alone hybrid outfits that will be suitable for the workday as well as a night out. To address this need, we have compiled a comprehensive list of day to night outfits you can wear this spring.

    1.Pleated Skirt:


Pleated skirts offer a playful and striking tone for any look, professional or casual. Pair a brightly colored pleated midi skirt with a long-sleeved turtleneck top. Finish it off with a pair of polished wedges. You could also wear a pleated midi skirt made in a luxe material, a stylish bodysuit, and a tailored jacket. Round out this look with a great pair of high heels.

    2. Utility Skirt:


Utilitarian fashion has been trending for quite some time now. What make the piece utilitarian is functional details, like cargo pockets or silhouette/hemline altering zippers or snaps. Wear a trendy outfit that works throughout the day with a cute and stylish utility skirt. Since utility skirts usually come in neutral and subdued colors, go for a white tee and a bright cardigan. The tee keeps to the utility theme while the bright cardigan adds a much-needed pop of color to the outfit. Finish it off with a pair of platform sandals or sneakers.

    3. Tea Dress:


In the mid 19th century, tea dresses were unstructured gowns,usually worn on afternoons at home. Like any other fashion trend, this one waned, but later came back into style. Made in light and comfortable materials, modern tea dresses are perfect for spring. They are modest yet flirty, making them a great choice for an outfit that can take you through the whole day. Complete your look with stilettos, platform wedges, or luxfwhe platform sandals.

    4. Pencil Skirts:


In the world of office dressing, pencil skirts are truly a classic. Often, this work wear is too rigid to be worn for the evening. However, there are ways you can style this corporate classic and turn it into a great outfit to wear throughout the day and night. Wear a luxe floral pencil skirt with a full-sleeved stylish top. Pair it with stilettos or pumps to complete the look.  

    5. Slip Dress:


A sensual outfit that was inspired by lingerie, slip dresses are now acceptable for wearing on their own as well. However, because you are wearing it as a day to night outfit, you need to keep it office appropriate. The best way to do that is to layer the slip dress with something that offers more coverage, like a long t-shirt or large structured coat. Opt for a long slip dress without lace detailing, and in a subtle color. Finish it off with pumps or velvet loafers.

     6. A-line Skirt:


A very popular choice, a-line skirts accentuate your best features for an all over flattering look. Go for an elegant floral a-line skirt that ends near the knees. Pair it with a simple stylish top and stilettos. Another great way to make the a-line skirt work as a day to night outfit is by pairing it with a fancy bodysuit and a structured blazer. Finish this look off with a pair of work shoes or polished platform sneakers. 

    7. Denim Jacket:


After its comeback, the denim jacket has become a great choice for the spring season. Available in a variety of colors and styles, denim jackets offer a lot of flexibility. Wear a stylish tank top with a pair of luxe work trousers. Top it off with a color-coordinated denim jacket that is tailored to fit you.

    8. Wrap Dress:


Dresses that cinch at the waist are called wrap dresses. They are available in a huge variety of colors, materials, styles, and hemlines. Wrap dresses can be easily adapted to fit any look, which is why they’re so well loved!

Wear a wrap dress with a hemline that ends near the calves. Couple it with high heels for a great look. Alternatively, go for a high-low hem wrap dress and match it with open-toed pumps or glam ankle boots. You could also wear a full-length floral wrap dress with a tailored jacket. The wrap dress is casual, but the jacket lends a professional look. Finish it off with pumps.

    9. Graphic Prints:


Graphic prints are all the rage this spring, so why not wear them from dawn to dusk? To keep the look monochrome, wear a loose black spaghetti strap top with no sleeves. Pair it with a striped asymmetric skirt and a black tailored jacket. Finish the look off with pumps or heels for that informally formal vibe. You could also play with the colors and go for off-beat shades, like purple or green, instead of a black and white combo.

    10. Peacoat:


Structured and sexy at the same time, peacoats come in many lengths, sizes, and colors. Wear a neutral colored peacoat that ends near the knees. Pair it with skinnies or stockings and platform heels. This sexy look is totally acceptable by HR standards but can also be fun for nighttime. To infuse some excitement, throw on a bright scarf or wear bright footwear to offset the neutral peacoat.


Most of us can’t find the time to change into a new outfit after a long and tiring workday and end up going to evening events wearing our work wear. Evenings and nights are meant for fun, so it’s ideal to find looks that work for the day but still look fabulous enough for going out!

While not impossible, day to night outfits can be hard to perfect. Striking the right balance is key; otherwise, you run the risk of breaking HR rules or looking too corporate at nighttime events. Since most of us have a busy work schedule, it’s not always practical to plan alternate outfits and take them along to work. Our list of recommendations acts as a great guide for getting this balance right. Work well and play well! If you want your boutique to offer the best to your customers, get wholesale dresses and you’ll get great quality at low prices.



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