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Personal Life

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Famous Hollywood writer, Deborah Divine’s mother’s name, is Patricia Divine, but there is almost no information about her father at all. Deborah Divine isn’t as famous as her kids and her husband. Her husband is Eugene Levy, who is a Canadian actor and comedian. He is very famous for his role in American Pie. 

Deborah and Eugene were married in 1977. They have two children together. Both of them are in the Hollywood industry as well and pretty well known too. Dan Levy is their son, and Sarah Levy is their daughter. 

She doesn’t like to express her marriage life in front of the camera. This is probably one of the key factors working behind their 43-year successful marriage life. And this is also the reason many people aren’t much knowledge about Deborah Divine as she wants to keep things to herself rather than letting it out on the public. They are seen attending social events and gatherings regularly, but they don’t talk about their personal life in front of the media. 

For social media activities, she is active on Twitter. She tweets to events now and then. She wishes birthday to every single member of her family on twitter. Other than that, she doesn’t have accounts on Facebook or Instagram.

How Deborah Became A Writer And Why She Chose This As A Profession?  

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Her mother was an aspiring singer. So, she was always known for arts and creative works. From her very childhood, she had a knack of writing. Eventually, that turned to work well for movies and shows. 

Her first work was for the show Maniac Mansion. This was created by her husband, and she wrote the whole script of the show. That’s when she discovered that she is good enough to write scripts for movies. 

Her professional career doesn’t consist of many works as she focused mostly on her family. So, she didn’t have many contributions to the Hollywood industry. However, her little contribution is also quite remarkable and famous as well. 

Her Most Significant Achievements In Life

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At Award Function With Family

Deborah Divine started her career as a screenwriter. Her big break was with the show called Maniac Mansion, where she wrote the complete script. 

Later on, she worked on Movies such as Edge of the Night, Higgins Boys and Gruber, and Another World as a production manager and producer. There she got reasonable recognition all over. And she is currently focusing on that part as well. 

Even though she is good at what she does, her professional career is quite short. She didn’t contribute much to the industry. She put her time into her children, who grew up to be famous actors just like their father, whereas Deborah Divine doesn’t come in the limelight that often. She is mostly known to people as Eugene Levy’s wife and mother of Levy Children. 

The Inspiring Person In Her Life 

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With Husband

An inspirational person in her life has to be her mother, Patricia Divine. Her mother is a singer. She wanted to become a professional singer. She used to take classes at the Royal Conservatory. But she couldn’t follow her passion due to lack of finance. Taking inspiration from her mother, she, her husband, and both of her children fell in love with music and have been doing whatever they can in the music section. Deborah named a seat in Koerner Hall in honor of Patricia Divine on her 80th birthday. This was the perfect way for Deborah to remember the inspiring talent and passion of her mother in the building, where she found so much joy.

Career Highlights

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Enjoying with Family

Just like we discussed above, the career of Deborah Divine isn’t much to describe, and it’s quite short. She hasn’t done a lot of work. But whatever she did had quality in it. So, below are some of her works known to people. 

Deborah wrote the script of Maniac Mansion in 1990.

She worked on the movie called Higgin boys, Gruber, Edge of the Night, and also in Another World.

Most probably she doesn’t like coming in front of the camera, so we didn’t get to see her in front. She always worked on the production section of the movies. 

Her Lifestyle

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Special Moment

Deborah Divine lives quite a lavish lifestyle thanks to her professional career earning and also her husband as well. 

She doesn’t dress up much gorgeous or anything shiny. Her looks are mostly simple at times, nothing too fancy at all. She wears plain clothes with a primary color. She mostly wears black and white outfits. She was hardly seen wearing any pieces of jewelry at all. She carries a handbag with her at times. 

One of her prime hobbies is writing. She loves to write. And also, she spends quite the right amount of time on Twitter; she must enjoy it as well. She is most concerned about her family. 

There is no distinct information on her charitable activities. 

Proud Mother

Even though she isn’t much famous in the industry, she sure is a proud mother of remarkable children. Her son Daniel Levy is a well-known Canadian award-winning actor. He has won awards such as the Canadian Screen Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, and some other awards as well.

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Her Daughter & Son

He has done a lot of works. One of the most popular ones is the role in Schitt’s Creek. Dan Levy and Eugene Levy create this show. 

Sarah Levy, daughter of Deborah Divine, is also a famous actress. She is also a part of the same Tv Show. Other than that, show she is also known for her role in the movie called Cheaper by the dozen 2. She has been in 4 films altogether.  

So, all of this sure makes Deborah Divine a proud mother of two famous children. 

Net Worth

There is no meaningful information on the net worth of Deborah Divine. But according to her professional career and her surroundings, she earns about $60000 per year from her scriptwriting and film producing profession. From various internet sources, it was revealed that she has a net worth of $18 million. 

And then there is her husband, who is a successful actor—still acting in various movies and shows. He has a similar amount of net worth as well. So, they are living quite a lavish life without any sight of financial difficulties at all.