5 Simple Steps to Answer How to Get Beach Waves With Curling Iron

Beach waves are everyone’s favorite as they add that fun, glam and chic vibe to your look. Many A-list celebrities and especially Victoria’s Secret supermodels have made beach waves famous. Alessandra Ambrosio, Jennifer Lopez, Adriana Lima and Kim Kardashian are just a few well-known names that have been seen rocking glamorous beach waves not only on the runway or red carpet but also as their everyday look.

Don’t lose heart if you have not been blessed by natural waves. They have that messy feel to them and hence there is no perfect way to achieve that look.

To recreate and answer your query of how to get beach waves with curling iron, you will need the following styling tools:

1. Heat Protectant serum spray
2. Hairbrush
3. Sectioning Clip
4. Finishing spray serum
5. Texturing spray/ straightening balm
6. Curling Iron (set to a safe temperature of 350F)

This 5 step technique will surely help rock that beach wave look, but their quality also depends hugely on the kind of haircut you have. A medium to long length hair with long layers cut are ideal for getting naturally chic beach waves.

It will take you around 30- 45 minutes to get this effortless look, depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

Alessandra Ambrosio | Image Via Pinterest


The secret to rocking any kind of hair style is prepping your hair. Start with washing your hair and then dry and comb them out. If you have straight hair, massage a texturing spray on the roots. It will give your hair more body and help them hold those waves for a longer period of time. For people with naturally wavy hair a straightening balm is required for toning down the natural curls and getting a more finished look.

Jennifer Lopez | Image Via Pinterest

TIP- Remember to use a heat protectant on your hair before you using a curling iron. Human hair has a melting point of 450F, so to prevent hair from getting heat damaged and keep them healthy it’s important to keep the styling tools below 400F. A styling tool that’s set around 350F is perfect for achieving any kind of hairstyle especially beach waves. This suggestion is for both natural hair and hair extensions.

In 5 simple steps you can transform your plain boring hair into glamorous hairstyle and solve your problem of how to get beach curl with a curling iron

Step 1- Twist

The most easy and first part of answering how to get beach waves with a curling iron is to twist your hair. Divide your hair into small sections (around 3-4 sections) using section clips.Take one section and start twisting them, either towards or away from your face. Though for framing your face and giving it more structure and edge, it is recommended to twist them away from your face.

Step 2- Curl

Now take the twisted sections of hair and start curling them normally. Curling them away from the face will give your hair more boost and volume. Once you have curled your hair, allow them to cool before releasing them. This gives the curl more time and helps them stay put for a longer period of time. Keep curling till all the sections of hair are done.

Step 3-Unravel

When done gently touch your hair to ensure all the curls have cooled down. Now slowly run your fingers through the curls to unravel them. This will give you a soft beach wave look and help you answer how to get beach waves with a curling iron.

Step 4-Touch up

For getting a more glamorous look without using hair extensions, choose random sections of your hair and curl them some more with a curling iron. Add some curls closer to the crown for adding more volume to your look.

Adriana Lima | Image Via Pinterest

Step 5-Texturize

Once done, take a finishing spray serum and apply it on the roots. Not only will this ensure your beach waves stay for a longer period of time but also give your hair a much needed boost. All that you have to do is just tousle up the waves with your finger and you will never have to wonder again how to beach waves with a curling iron.

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