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How to Get Naturally Longer Eyelashes in Just 7 Days

Of course, long eyelashes are everybody’s dream- who doesn’t love long eyelashes, after all? Anyway, no matter how much you want it, not everybody gets the blessing of long lashes.

Mostly, we can’t wait too long for results. So we are up with some quick tips for immediate growth of eyelashes. Read on to know how to get long eyelashes in just 7 days.


A change in habits

You may not realize but your day to day habits has got a lot to do with your health. Same is the matter with your eyelashes as well. Give up rubbing your eyes vigorously when they itch. Not only does that hurt your eyes and is unhealthy, it contributes to the thinning of your eyelashes as can wash your eyes or gently massage it in gentle circles instead of pulling your eye out.Put a habit of washing your face before you go to bed and splashing cold water onto your eyes in morning a few times. This is quite healthy a habit.

Removing your make-up before you sleep and washing the face can reduce chemical contact of eyelashes. So never sleep with your eye make-up or mascara on.

Healthy practices

Adopt healthy practices. It can make a hell of a change. Choose to eat healthy food. Add the kinds of stuff to your meals which contain the components that have got hair growing properties. Silicon is a content that is proven to be positive for hair growth. So intake of silicon rich food can be pretty helpful for eyelash growth.


Do not use artificial eyelashes or put too heavy eye make-up too frequently. Using some lip balm or petroleum jelly with mascara can do the job if you want a quick thick appearance.

Home remedies for long eyelashes in 7 days

There are some home remedies which can contribute seriously to the growth of eyelashes. Here are a few.

Applying oil to your eyelashes can bring some immediate results. Try applying oil on the lashes from root to tip using an eyelash brush or eyelash comb and wash it in morning. Practicing this regularly for a week or so can certainly show the difference.

Prepare a mixture of castor oil, coconut oil and Vitamin E. keep it safe in an air tight bottle. Apply it similarly like the previous case every night and wash it out in morning. This is sure to stimulate the hair growth.

Using petroleum jelly is quite good in preventing lash thinning. Simply apply a bit of jelly around the eyes and underneath every night.


Applying the mixture of an egg and a bit of glycerine, and washing it away after 15-20 minutes can help in the growth of eyelashes.

You can rely on any of the remedies above to see quick results and get longer eyelashes in just 7 days.

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