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Go Makeup-Free This Summer

Yes, there have been numerous tempting makeup launches, from new companies such as Fenty Beauty as well as from old and beloved ones lTarte, Too Faced, UD, and the list goes on. Makeup is playful, and every new launch of a product entices us to open our wallets and pillage Sephora, Ulta and every makeup store out there. However, in case you haven’t gotten the memo, the fashion industry is all about that fresh-faced no-makeup look this season. Aside from the industry, the world has been taken over by this general vibe of positivity, return to nature, the pursuit of wellness and nurturing your beauty from within. People are actually spending more of their disposable income on skincare rather than makeup products, because we seem to have finally got it into our heads – foundations, eyeshadows, primers and all that will come and go, but we only have one skin in this lifetime, so it’s high time we start tending to it. So, if you’re still not convinced, we’re about to dole out a list of reasons to go makeup-free and help you on that path, so stay tuned and go bare.

Makeup and heat combo

Ok, so you’ve decided to wear makeup, and once you’re done applying everything, you are thrilled with the result. However, as soon as you step outside, things will rapidly start to go downhill. The sweat will start melting your makeup, and one hour in, the heat will have you looking like a hot mess. Wouldn’t you rather just look naturally radiant all day, then amazing for an hour and then all melty and sea-monster-y for the rest of the day? You already know the answer to that. Even if you have the most powerful setting spray that will keep things ‘locked down’, you’re not doing your skin any favors. The combination of foundation, powders and heat only serves to clog the pores even further, and once you remove the makeup, your skin will look much worse than when you woke up.

Do the math

The amount of money you spend on makeup will make your head spin. It’s admirable how we have any money left for groceries and bills if we spend this much on makeup. No wonder we keep asking ourselves ‘where is all my money, I know I made some’ – like Carrie wondered before realizing her money had turned into a hundred pairs of shoes. If you refrain from purchasing new makeup products for the three months of summer we get, not only will your skin thank you for letting it breathe, but your wallet will thank you as well and you’ll be able to afford some of those things you ‘mysteriously’ couldn’t afford before.

Nothing to hide

Instead of reaching for your full-coverage foundation to cover blemishes and that thick concealer to hide the dark circles, wouldn’t it just be better to invest in quality moisturizing skincare products that will bring your skin back to life so you have nothing to hide? As previously said, you only have one skin in this lifetime, so instead of hiding imperfections behind the armor that is makeup, (which in the summer can only worsen the condition of your skin), perhaps it’s high time you invest both your time and money grooming your skin and achieve that perfect plumpness, and even skin tone and a complexion so nourished and radiant that will make makeup completely redundant because suddenly you’ll realize – you look amazing just the way you are – and this is true, even though it’s a Bruno Mars song. If supermodels can walk down the runway with bare faces, so can you, you just need to find the perfect products, be diligent in your skincare routine, layer your products in the right order and the results will be visible before you know it.

Little helpers

As great as topical solutions are, you’ll need a little help from four kinds of friends – superfoods packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals that are all here to help your body be healthy and as your skin is a reflection of your inner state, your skin will beam with health as well. The second friend is water. Drinking plenty of water for, say, 5 days, won’t do wonders, but the long-term benefits of proper hydration are real, so drink up diligently. The third helper is exercise – sweat flushes out the toxins from your body, enabling you to be both healthy and naturally beautiful. The fourth secret helper is beauty sleep, so get quality snooze time and let your body reboot and your skin produce natural collagen.


Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just get ready, go about your skincare routine and head out without spending at least half an hour buffing, blending, concealing etc.? Putting on makeup takes plenty of time, and there is so much summer joy to be experienced, so why spend it leaning over a mirror checking if you’ve blended your eyeshadow evenly on both eyes? Just go out there and have fun. Besides – if your eyes itch, you’ll feel free to scratch them without smudging your mascara, and you have to admit that this is pretty challenging.

It’s hot – figuratively

Having the confidence to go makeup free is simply hot. When you give people the chance to see you bare-faced, with freckles and tiny imperfections, you might feel a little self-conscious in the beginning, but soon enough, you’ll become intoxicated with the sense of empowerment and freedom that comes with showing your true colors – or lack thereof. If superstars like Alicia Keys can perform and attend red carpet events with zero makeup and look spectacular, girl, so can you.


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