Got the Brown Eyes? Easy Tips on How to Apply Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

Expressive and impressive eyes are the essence of beauty. No wonder when people try to look gorgeous, eyes become the main source to articulate the appeal. One of the most occurring eye colors is brown and ladies having them are often in dilemma as for how to apply eyeshadow for brown eyes to make the eyes pop out, attractive and get an ideal look. With the perfect eye makeup, you not only look charming but also managed to stand out from the crowd. Your eye lashes, eye lids and brow bone are the major parts where with a perfect makeup you can get the required attention. There are different ways to get the eye shadow to beautify your eyes and it comes with respect to different eye colors. Believe me or not but brown colored eyes are considered ideal to get diverse looks if you just know how to apply eyeshadow for them to make them more appealing and alluring.




Your overall look can be enhanced in a number of ways by just applying eye shadow in an appropriate and proper way for your brown eyes. And you can rock any look if you have got one. From glittery to smoky you can appear great in every way. So let’s take a sneak-peek on some useful and functional tips on how to apply eyeshadow for brown eyes.

Types of Eyeshadow: 

The eyeshadows come in three different styles. While the creamy eye shadows are considered best to be used as base colors, loose eyeshadows are quite difficult to deal with being more messy and tricky.


However, the third one, the pressed eyeshadows are believed to be the best as they have the tendency to blend easily and didn’t become muddled even after hours. Apart from a good eyeshadow, keep a primer handy with you. The primer will not only stabilizes the eyeshadow but also helps it to stay long for hours after applying.

Choosing a Perfect Colour:

First of all apart from your brown eye color, take a heed to your skin color as well so that selecting the eyeshadow color would become less tricky. However, to some degree almost every color compliments the brown colored eyes, either its bold colors like golden, purple or green or natural colors like beige, brown or light pink.


Although it is most advisable to pick the colors most suited to your skin, lip and hair colors. If you are having grey colored hairs and you are taking a red eyeshadow, it would give wretched results. So always be a picky chooser when it comes to makeup.

Putting the Base Colour on:

Now take the base colour that you have chosen according to your skin type and stack it thoroughly on the large shadow brush. A large shadow brush will sweep on highlighter and lighten the skin color by decreasing the marks if any. Apply it gently over the eyelid and above the crease and keep on brushing till you get an even look all over the area.


You may take the base color again until needed to make the work done properly. While doing so make outward strokes from the brush from the inner corner and apply smoothly giving light strokes. Always apply the brush from the inner part of the eyelid or the middle part moving towards outside. Keep in mind that the quality of the brush is as much important as the quality of products you are using while applying the eyeshadow and the overall makeup in general.

Getting the Even Eyeshadow Look:

In the next step, you will need an angled brush to put the eyeshadow over the eyelid. Take the eyeshadow that goes well with the outfit you are going to wear. But try not to choose it blindly. Keep a match between the skin color and outfit color as brown eyes are pretty enough to carry any of them perfectly. Load the brush with the selected eyeshadow and start applying it from the outer to inner corner of the eyes.


Try to do this in one long stroke as it will give an even and smooth appearance. You need to practice hard if you really wonder how to apply eyeshadow for brown eyes. While doing so the outer corner should be more highlighted, going lesser in the middle and even less towards the inner side.

Blending Two Colours for the Extra Blaze:

Following this, take another eyeshadow complementing the first one and start stroking from the inner corner, moving towards the outer one. It would be good if you take some contrasting color or a lighter shade from the first one. This will blend the two colors and give a more popped up look to the brown eyes. Make this work done by a blending brush that will smoke out the eyes automatically by combining the two eyeshadows from its fine hairs.

Highlighting the Brow Arch:

Now is the time to highlight the eyebrow arch. With a clean eyeshadow brush, preferably go for a smaller one this time, take the highlighter color and apply it gently from the inner corner moving towards just below the eyebrow arch. It will blend with the eyeshadow and base color and give a more impressive overall look. Always try to give smooth and gentle strokes so that colors can absorb easily into the skin to retain for a longer period of time.


Other than applying eyeshadow, a proper work with the eyeliner and mascara will do wonders too. Keep them handy as well. So the next time if anyone asks you as for how to apply eyeshadow for brown eyes, tell them to ponder over these tips and get the ever craved look in one go. Look beautiful, enhance your eyes and impress the people around you because it’s been said that ‘sometimes eyes say it all”.

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