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A How to on Curling Thick Long Hair


You want nice beautiful, long lasting curls! You think your hair is too thick to hold curls up all day. There is an easy way to curl long thick hair. There’s no need to be frustrated or hate your mop. Remember how lucky you are to have thick hair1 The truth is long and thick doesn’t really make much of a difference. you just have to take your time, do it right and practice.

Ready to curl your long, thick hair.

Properly maintain your hair and prepare it for curling. Badly damaged hair may not hold and could possibly fizzle away. In this case, a haircut may be a better choice. Wash and clean your hair on a regular basis. On the last wash before you plan to curl it, barely use any conditioner. Let it dry all the way and give it a heat treatment. This will get you the best results.

Now, you should already have a curling iron in mind, but if you don’t or are not sure, I can help you with that. You can crimp curl it or choose a wand style curler. You can also tie it up and go to sleep to curl your long, thick hair. A bigger wand style will give you bigger curls and a skinnier one will give you smaller ones. Ceramic gets hot quick but doesn’t necessarily make it better. a lot of those actually damage hair from getting too hot. You want a temperature between 350-375, not 400-450.

You want to curl your hair away from your face. You also want to get as close to the roots as possible. The closer you are to the longer the curls will hold. Hold your finger on your hair that is curled to feel the heat. Somewhere between 6-10 seconds should do it. You will get used to feeling the right amount of heat on your finger and knowing that way how to know. Now you want to hairspray it right away. You also want to spray it all again when finished.


Now you’re almost done! Just repeat the steps your bangs. You always do the separate. A few times doing this on your own and you will have it down. Also, try experimenting with different wands and crimpers. Different hairsprays may make a difference also. You may also want to try the overnight method. You may decide you like those styles better.

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