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The Most Effective Methods to Grow Back Your Eyelashes

Even if you had long lashes as a child, it might not be the same now. In the process of growing up, thinning eyelashes is quite normal. With frequent make ups or exposure to pollution or chemicals, eyelashes use to go short and thin over years.

Want badly that long eyelashes back? It’s not hard as you think. Know how to grow back your eyelashes quickly with these tips.

Remember to Remove Your Eye Makeup Before Going to Bed

You need to remember to remove makeup (particularly the eye makeup) before you sleep every night- if not earlier. The make-up cosmetics contain chemicals that are certainly not quite positive for eyelash growth and the even eye itself. So it is a must to remove the makeup as soon as you can. It is the basic thing in eye care. Especially, if you do not remove makeup while you sleep you will only end up with even fewer lashes.


Eat Healthy

Healthy eating habits are must, no matter what- for the healthy body, healthy mind, healthy hair or even healthy eyelashes! Food items with silicon components are considered good for hair growth. So add some silicon rich food stuff in your meal.   Rice, oats, green beans, cabbage, cucumbers, olives etc. are few commonly available silicon rich food items. Add the volume of these in your regular meals and get long lashes! healthy eating habits perhaps offer a quick effect and lasting solution to eyelash thinning. It can boost the growth certainly.


Apply Oil Regularly on Lashes

This is the most basic thing you can do to have your long eyelashes back quickly. Coconut oil, castor oil or olive oil is pretty good for the health of your eyelashes. Apply a bit of oil every night before getting to bed. Remember to remove makeup before you do. Spread the oil with a lash comb or lash brush (the one like that of a mascara brush). Tap lightly with a bit of cotton so that there is no excess oil. Wash it gently in the morning with cold water. This practice will surely help you gain back the volume of your eyelashes. Regular lash oiling is proven to get immediate results.


Avoid too Much of Chemicals and False Lashes

Chemical exposure is, of course, harmful in most ways. Using cosmetics with components not quite good for eyes can easily lead to eyelash thinning. False eyelashes are one of the top things to avoid. You end up plucking your natural eyelashes. So avoid using false eyelashes too frequently.


Do not Rub Your Eyes

This is something that is the root of bad eyelashes in many cases. People rub their eyes too frequently and terribly. This is quite unhealthy for eye itself and needless to say, for eyelashes as well. If you feel like itching around your eyes, massage lightly with the index finger, or even better, wash your eyes. Avoid rubbing eyes as much as possible.

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