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How to Host a Fashion Show: Special Event Marketing Tips for Designers


Selling jewelry and clothing can be difficult for new and independent fashion designers. The retail and event industries still have opportunities that benefit design proof.

Clothing and jewelry designers can promote their own merchandise by hosting a fashion show. There are ways to save money by not hiring special event co-coordinators and learning useful marketing tips instead. Many freelance designers can learn how to host a fashion show that generates sales and valuable contacts in their industry.

Build a Mailing List in Advance

Special event marketing starts with the collection of mailing list contacts in various industries. Business and social networking events offer opportunities for designers to build a mailing list for their fashion show. Designers can obtain better results by collecting emails and mailing addresses of contacts that will be invited to the fashion show event. The list should include a mixture of average consumers, news reporters, retail buyers and professional stylists.

Designers must set aside a specific amount of time before planning fashion show events. Three months is an adequate amount of time to build a mailing list for special event marketing purposes. The timeframe is long enough to keep designers from approaching fairly new friends and associates with a fashion sales pitch. Designers should keep in touch with new associates occasionally before sending an invitation to their fashion show.

Pay Attention to Logistics at Potential Venues

Elaborate venues are usually the setting for high-end fashion shows with well known designers. Small-scale jewelry and clothing designers must select venues that are affordable for their budget. There are ways to host a fashion show in alternative venues so long as the proper logistics are set in place. Every potential venue should be evaluated for seating capacity, changing rooms for models, restrooms, storage space for equipment, electricity and parking.

Hire a Disc Jockey or Sound Technician

Sound is an important aspect of hosting fashion shows that demand attention. Designers should hire a disc jockey or sound technician to help with lights and music for each fashion show. Designers can also hire both of these professionals to perform separate job functions at a fashion show.

A disc jockey would be responsible for providing background music selections. The job of a sound technician at fashion shows would likely require microphone and speaker maintenance. A popular disc jockey offers extra marketing potential while sound technicians have great troubleshooting skills.

Design Invitations with a Business Angle

Many designers can increase sales opportunities by crafting attractive sales copy for their fashion show invitations. Each guest will likely be in a position to buy or influence sales of garments and jewelry showcased at fashion shows. All fashion show invitations should indirectly promote sales rather than a fun social gathering.

Hire Event Staff with Specialized Skills

The proper form of collaboration teaches designers how to host a fashion show that generates sales. Designers must learn to delegate responsibilities for various aspects of a fashion show event. Stagehands can be hired for electricity and lighting needs while assisting the sound technician. Additional staff members should be hired to keep models on schedule when presenting items at a fashion show. Designers can also benefit from the expertise of cosmetology professionals who help to showcase products in their best light.

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