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How to Make a Fashionable Bib Necklace with Craft Supplies

The bib necklace has become increasingly popular, since celebrities with a fashion-forward sense of personality has begun wearing them. One example is Olivia Palermo, who was spotted in the summer wearing the large fashion accessory around her neck. While it looks dramatic and unusual at the time, the accessory has grown and become more popular.


Due to its increase in popularity, the bib necklace is being sold in many clothing stores in a large price range. Some bib necklaces can be found for as little as $20, while others can reach the hundreds and even thousands of dollars. While some choose to spend money on purchasing their fashion accessories, others choose to make them at home using craft supplies and tools. Making a fashionable bib necklace is a simple process that allows you to customize it to suit your personal style.

Create your Design and Choose your Felt

One of the first steps in creating your own bib necklace is to design the overall structure and size of it. Draw it on a piece of paper and hold it up to your chest to determine the overall size and cut. Examples include drawing butterfly wings, making a deep V-shape or making a basic bib shape. There are no rules, so create a shape that suits your personality.

Trace the sketch you have on the paper onto a piece of felt. The felt will be the base of your fashionable bib necklace, so choose your felt color carefully. For a neutral bib, choose a black, white or gray colored felt. Depending on the amount of pearls, stones or beads you add to your bib necklace, the felt may not be noticeable. Cut the felt out with a pair of scissors and place it down in front of you.

Add your Pearls, Stones or Beads

Choose the pearls, stones and beads you want on your bib necklace and create a pattern, if you desire. While some people choose a random look by simply placing them on a bib, others want an organized look. Use sewing thread and a needle to secure the beads to the bib necklace, while using craft glue or a small hot glue gun to attach the pearls or stones to the felt.

Place all of your chosen items closely together on the bib, so the felt is hidden for the most part. Finish a quarter of the bib first and let it sit for an hour, so the glue can dry. Then proceed with the second quarter and let it sit. Repeat this step until the felt bib is covered, so you get the design you desire without sacrificing the professional and fashionable finish.

Finishing the Bib Necklace

Once the pearls, stones and beads has dried or been secured on the felt, hold the bib necklace up to your neck and chest. Determine how long the silk strings that will tie the bib necklace around your neck need to be. Keep in mind that the strings should be twice as long as the space between the end of the bib and the middle of the backside of your neck, as you need to be able to tie a bow to secure it around your neck.

Cut the two silk strings. Take one silk string and attach it to one end of the bib using sewing thread and a small needle. The stitches should be small and placed closely together. Repeat this step with the second silk string and the opposite side of the bib.

Now you can wear your fashionable bib necklace around town with your chosen outfit without having spent as much as you would at a local clothing store. Best of all is that you can make several bib necklaces to give your wardrobe a fresh and fashion-forward lift.

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