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A Complete Guide on How to Make Your Hair Curly Overnight With Braids

Life is little confusing as people with beautiful curly hairs seeks for straight one and people already having lustrous straight hairs wants to get curls. If you fall on the latter option then here you will find as how to make your hair curly overnight with braids. Although there are a number of ways people can get the curls like with the help of curlers, hair rollers, by making buns and much more. But the simplest of all is with the help of braids.


The gorgeous looking curls are best to have if you are heading for a party and want to look out of the crowd. Other than that curly hairs go along even if you are going for a casual hang out with friends. The curls are perfect for the girls. If you are wondering and doubt that how to make your hair curly overnight with braids then all you need to do is to read the rest of the content and try it out once.

Largely there are two most easy and simple ways of making braids that can give you super awesome natural looking curls overnight. You only need to work on your hairs for around half or one-hour maximum and the next day you would be all set to flaunt your curls to the world. So, let’s get the insight of making curls with the help of braids in two different and simplest ways.

1. How to Make your Hair Curly Overnight with Braids in French Style

The first and foremost step is to wash your hairs with a nice shampoo and then condition them to give a shiny hue. Since you can’t wash them again after opening the braids so your hairs should be clean enough to work for the next day. Comb the hairs gently, brushing is not allowed. Now divide the little wet hairs into different sections and tie them individually with a rubber band.

Take one section at a time and start making braids. An important thing to keep in mind while making braids is the amount of curls you need. Higher the number of braids more will be the curls. With lesser and thicker braids you will get less curly hairs. Another important thing is to braid tightly otherwise instead of proper curls all that you’ll get would be wavy hairs. Try to make them as much near to the scalp as possible.

Since French braids are being made right from the scalp, it gives a voluminous and luxurious look to the hairs. Tightly crimped braids can give afro style curls if you seek one. Once all the hairs get braided, go to bed and take a sound sleep as the next morning you would look little extra gorgeous with your new look. Overnight, the braids will dry and give the much craved curls to the hairs.

Once you wake up, start opening the braids one by one without brushing the hairs. You can simply roll your fingers on the hairs to separate them. Fluff them little up with fingers and apply a hair sprayer to give the curls longevity. Either accessorize them or leave them open, they will make you the center of attraction for sure.

2. How to Make Your Hair Curly Overnight with Braids in Twists:

This is another simpler yet amazing way to make your hairs curly overnight. In this method in contrast to the above one, you need at least 60 percent of your hairs dry. So, wash them, condition them and let them dry for a little while. When they are left little damp, divide the hairs into two big sections, one on the left and another on right. Now starting with one section take two strands from all the hairs of that section and start twisting these two strands together in the same way the French braids are being made.


While twisting keep on taking one section of hair to each section. This will twist the hairs in just an appropriate manner that will ultimately give perfect curls. Keep twisting until no hair remains alone and you are left with only two last strands. Twist them together and put a hair tie at the end of the twist to secure them.

Repeat the same on another side Once you are done with both the sides, wait patiently for the hairs to get dried properly. It may take around 3-4 hours that would be enough to give ideal curls. Once dried, start opening the curls one by one without using comb or hair brush so that the texture didn’t get ruined. Using fingers or wide toothed comb will work best for untangling the hairs. Try not to get them knotted and therefore open carefully with occasional fingering.

Once both the parts get opened up, shake the hairs gently to give a fluffy curly look. You can settle them down with the help of some good quality of hair sprayer so that they remain for a longer period of time.


These are the best and the most natural ways of getting perfect curls. Although using heat curlers can also get them easily but they are little hazardous as the extra heat could damage the hairs to some extent and make them look frizzy and dry in the longer run. So once you know as for how to make your hair curly overnight with braids you can apply the above mentioned methods to get the right kind of curls for yourself without compromising the health of your hairs. No wonder with the right styling of curly hairs or flaunting up with some dazzling hair accessories, you can get the killer looks for yourself and let the world to go into knees for you. Have a Happy Curling!

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