Detailed Know – How as How to Remove Nail Polish From Carpet

Nail polish is yet another way of beautifying the hands and glorifying the nails. When it comes to making your hands look prettier, nail polish comes to rescue. But many times while applying it, accidently they fall on the carpet, clothes and other fabrics. Then the main problem arises as for how to remove nail polish from the carpet or other related fabrics. If you are also dealing with such trouble, then you have arrived just at the right spot where you will get your problem resolved by experienced, tried and tested tips and methods.

There arise two conditions that need attention. The first one is comparatively easier where one need to clean the nail polish spill just after it gets dropped accidently. Being fresh and wet, such spills can be easily removed from the fabric. Let’s discuss the process to remove the fresh spill step by step.

1. Just as you notice that the nail polish has fallen, scoop it up immediately with the help of a dry cloth or even better a spoon. Spoon can take a large amount of spill at a time making your cleaning little easier. Before scooping out another time, empty the spoon and clean it with a cloth.

2. Once you have taken the spilled paint the question arise as for how to remove the nail polish from the fabric which is still clearly visible. So now you need one rag towel or cloth and absorb the excess nail polish. Try to absorb as much as possible to make the fabric clean.

3. After performing the above steps the stain remains and therefore the next thing which is required is a good cleaner. Try to avoid bleach and acetone since they can discolor the carpet as well. Instead try rubbing alcohol, hair spray or even better, a window cleaner. These are easily available items in any house and therefore can be used instantly to clean the fabric of the carpet from the nail polish stain.

Another disaster to the carpet happens when you see a nail polish stain in it much later. When the nail polish spill gets dry it becomes little tricky to get it remove from the fabric as a whole. A Little extra effort is therefore needed in such cases as little extra time has been taken to see the nail polish spill on the carpet. So let’s take a view of the process one by one.


1. The first and foremost thing one need to do is to remove the dried nail polish from the carpet with the help of spoon or knife. Make sure to remove as much dry paint as possible so that the marks of stains could be then removed easily. One can also trim the carpet from the particular portion until it didn’t make any remarkable or noticeable effect in it.

2. Second step is to do the vacuuming. Once you vacuum the particular portion all the scrapped part will get inside the cleaner and the portion will get as clean as it could so that further steps could be done with ease.

3. While moving further, you will notice that the stain is still visible and wonder as for how to remove nail polish from the cloth completely that it didn’t show any tinge of the polish. So try some cleaner over the spot. But again be careful as not to choose those that can cause damage to your carpet as a whole.


4. Acetone free cleaners that are light to be used over clothes should be used so that the actual color didn’t get faded away. Blot the cloth with the cleaner and keep on rubbing the place where the stain is seen. Small brushes could also be made use of instead of cloth if one wish for. Do not over rub or scratch the carpet cloth as it may lead to its damage as a whole.

So with these above two methods, you can easily get the answer of how to remove nail polish from carpet. Once the final result is achieved and the stain is completely gone from the carpet or the fabric, you need certain tips to follow strictly to avoid getting the carpet ragged and tattered. Since the residues of nail polish and the cleaner would still be there, the chances of the fabric becoming shabby and grungy soon elevates. Therefore you need to keep certain after-care instructions updated. These are as jotted below:

With the help of a clean towel press out all the residues of nail polish and cleaner. The longer such residues remain in the carpet the more chances of it becoming spoiled soon increases. Keep pressing and collecting the residues until the towel comes dry.

Use soap to remove the smell of nail polish and cleaner completely from the carpet. Mix soap, detergent or carpet cleaner in water and sponge out some of it. Clean the area properly so that it becomes free from all the blemishes completely.

After soap, rinse the area with water. Blot the area with water and remove all the soap and forth from the carpet. Keep on bloating and removing the detergent until you feel the area to be nicely clean.

The final step is to make the area dry. Pat it up with the help of a dry towel and soak all the water in it. Keep on patting by changing the sides of the towel until all the water gets soaked and removed from the area of the carpet.

With these easy and simple steps, one can easily wake up the mind as for how to remove the nail polish from the fabric either it is of carpet or of any other cloth. But before all, try to be extra careful while applying the nail polish so that such accident didn’t happen and you don’t have to take heed into such activity. Apply properly and keep your carpet safe. But if still, it happens try out the above methods and make your carpet just like before.

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