A Complete Guide Telling How to Get Chrome Nails

Who doesn’t want o follow the new and updated styles of fashion? Who doesn’t want to look as per the ongoing trends? Well, of course, every one of us wants to remain updated about the current drift in the fashion industry and look just as up to the current wave as possible. While we talk about the new inclinations in the fashion industry, beautifying nails with different enamels and nail art is on constant upgradations in the recent past. While glitter and shellac are still in the market, chrome nails define the new cool. If you are thinking as for how to get the chrome nails, then to solve out your query we have fetched the most simple and easy methods by following which anyone can get beautiful chrome nails and increase her style quotient.

There are some great advantages of having chrome nails that are making them favorite among the ladies who follow the fashion trend. Apart from looking extra dazzling and making your hands look mind-blowingly gorgeous and sexy, they are capable of remaining as such for around 3 weeks and more when applied properly. No chipping and no flakes churning out by themselves; they stay as they were on the day of application for more than 20 days. And this is the reason why every manicure is extended with getting a chrome nails nowadays. Also commonly called as mirror nails or glass nails due to their sheer resemblance with them, chrome nails are a must have before heading out for a night out or a party to look out of the crowd or rather say the center of attraction.
Here we’ll talk about how to get chrome nails with simple DIY and the best chrome nail polish as well. We will also brief as for how to do chrome nails with glitter to make your look extraordinarily awesome complimenting your clothes and look overall. First of all, to get the chrome nails you ought to make yourself well equipped with all the necessary things needed to conclude the work. The main items required are:

  1. Black gel polish: To create a strong base
  2. Gel top coat: For great finishing
  3. Chrome powder: To get the chrome nails
  4. Eye shadow applicator: For proper spread of the chrome powder
  5. UV Lamp: For drying out the nail polish instantly

Let’s ponder upon the process step by step.

1. The first and the foremost thing to do while heading to create chrome or mirror nail polish effect on your nails is to apply a black gel polish. Although there are several best gel nail polish colors but while going for chrome nails, black color suits the best. Put it just the way you apply any regular nail polish on the nails. Spread it evenly without any smudge. Since this time you are applying it for some different purpose, go for a double coat for the sake of double assurance of getting the chrome nails. Keep the hands intact for about 20 seconds under the UV light to let it dry.


2. Once you are sure that the black nail polish is dried out properly apply gel top coat. It will give extra support to the loose chrome powder that you have to apply in the next step. Dry out the gel top coat in the UV light as well.


3. The next step in the most important and significant as the main ingredient of this whole package will be applied to it. Take an eye shadow brush and chrome powder. Take a good amount of chrome powder over the brush and start dabbing it on your nails that have been UV dried with a gel top coat. Buff it thoroughly on the nails making enough friction so that they create pressure over the nails to get properly applied over it.

4. Rubbing it promptly over the nails again and again in good quantity will give a good end result after some time. It will be giving a silver chrome effect; looking like a mirror and somewhat similar to as what aluminum foil looks like.


5. Once you are sure that enough loose chrome powder has been applied on the nails which are significant enough to give a prominent result, brush off the excess chrome powder which has been spread around the cuticles and the skin surrounding the nails. Another option to get rid of the excess chrome powder from the skin is applying liquid latex around the nails so that the extra powder get to stick to it rather than on skin.

6. Now as you have got the final result, your uncertainty as for how to get chrome nails have been solved. But one more step is needed to complete the procedure. Always remember to apply a gel top coat over the chromed nails. This will not only give a long lasting effect to the chrome nail polish but also impart extra shine giving it much desired look.


7. Lastly, dab a cotton pad or a cotton ball with nail polish remover and get rid of all the excess chrome nail polish that have accidently stained the skin surrounding the nails. Now you are all set to flaunt your beautiful nails and grab the attention of all the males.


The market is flooded with numerous chrome nail polish brands with different colors ranging from feminine pink to smoky black. But each one of them is not good enough to rely upon. Some have been giving awesome end result but some came out to be really drastic with a parched and uneven surface on the nails. Some of the top rated brands based on the customer’s review include OPI Simply Smashing, Minx metallic nail polish, Revlon gold coin, Bobbi Brown pink pearl and Sally Hanson metallic nail paint. Apart from these, Orly Foil FX, Deborah Lippmann Million Dollar Mermaid, and L.A Colors Purple are also worth splurging upon.

After giving a metal finish to your nails and glorifying your hands another important way to beautify them is by applying glitter nail polish. While applying the glitter nail polish is not a rocket science but people generally end up with horrific results as the glitter has the property to smudge if not applied properly. Before proceeding all you need to do is to put base coat color on the nails. It should be even and regular. Then apply latex around the nails to get unnecessary smudging of the glitter. Afterward, take a small sponge and dab the glitter nail polish on one of its sides and start applying it on the nails in layers to get a proper opaque shape. Once done, apply a top coat so that it gets extra shine and shimmer. And you are all set to showcase your nails and make the fellow women jealous.

Which Brands Provide Best Glitter Nail Polish to Give Awesome Shimmer on Your Nails?

Among colored glitter nail polish you can choose from:

  • OPI Mariah Carrey Collection in Sprung-

With this different opacity of colors can be obtained depending upon the coats you apply.


  • NYX Multi Glitter-

Comprising different shapes and sizes of glitters along with a wide range of colors, spending on NYX Multi Glitter would prove its worth.


For nude ladylike glitter nail polish the best options are:

  • Revlon Nail Enamel-

Revlon is one perfect choice while you want to have elegant shimmer on your nails. The small and platinum glitter of it is worth taking a chance.


  • Lancome Vernis in Ginger Swing-

The small glitter particles in gold and beige are a sophisticated choice if you want glitter plus elegance both.


For black base glitter, you may opt for ‘MAC Nail Lacquer in Everything That Glitters’. The extra glossiness that it provides adds extra luminescent effect to the nails. If you desire for a Pastel Glitter Nail Polish then Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream could be the ultimate choice of this summer.


Vibrant shades which are beach inspired, leave your hands glamorous and glittery. For metallic glitter, OPI Golden eye could be the best choice to opt for. Highly luxurious and reflective quality of it will make you stand out of the crowd for sure.

Although there are countless possibilities of beautifying your hand and making them look dazzling with different nail paints and nail arts but glitter and chrome are the trends that never go out of fashion. Being shimmery, glittery and providing extravaganza to the hands, they elevate the style quotient and charisma of a person. Whatever the season may be and whatever the occasion is, just wear some extra buff on your nails matching your skin tone and the dress you are wearing and shine like a star.

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