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A Detailed Know-How as For How to Remove Shellac Nail Polish at Home

Nail polish, whatever the color they are of increase the prettiness of fingers and the hands overall. Colorful nails if get the proper contrast with the clothes increases the persona manifolds. Shellac nail polish is taking a favorite place in the beauty kit of ladies these days due to its shining and long lasting effects. If you are also a fan of shellac nail polish then apart from putting them on your own, you must have searched the ways as for how to remove shellac nail polish at home. Then to answer out your query, we have summarized few simple and easy methods which if get followed properly, simplify your problem of removing them from your nails. With these methods, you can get your query answered as for how to remove glitter nail polish at home as well.


Sometimes people consider going to the salon to get them remove because they don’t know the proper ways to confiscate them. But going to the salon every time for such small thing is not possible. Therefore, with proper knowledge and step by step understanding, as for how to remove shellac nail polish, one can do it at home by itself and without the help of anyone. Let’s take an insight over the methodology one by one.

A. Soaking the Nails:

This is super easy and simple to follow method in which you need to have certain items handy. These are:

  • a cuticle oil of good brand
  • acetone
  • manicure stick
  • lotion

1. In this method, the first thing you need to do is to apply a fairly good amount of cuticle oil from some reputed brand on your cuticles properly. These oils have the tendency to impart extra moisturizer to the nails and thus help to protect them getting dry in the further process.

2. Take a wide and deep bowl and pour some acetone on it. It is generally preferred to make use of nail polish remover that already contains acetone but in a small amount since using pure acetone may end up making your nails becoming extra dry and parched looking. Don’t go for nail polish removers that don’t contain acetone since shellac is little hard and therefore can’t be removed with the help of them.

3. You may also try a homemade nail polish remover. If the question is how to make nail polish remover, then you only need glycerin and acetone from any drugstore and mix about 200 ml acetone to 2 tbsp glycerin.

4. Pour nail polish remover in the bowl and put your fingers inside. Let your cuticles get wet with the acetone. Keep them as such for about 10 minutes. Watch out for the shellacs to getting removed from the nails as flakes with the progressing time. Keep bloated for 10 whole minutes to get the best end result.

5. After 10 minutes when you will remove your hands from the bowl, you’ll see the shellac nail polish becoming loose from the nails and have already started falling as flakes. Take the manicure stick and start scraping the shellacs slowly with its help. Place the flat edge of the manicure stick on the bottom of your nails and move the stick in the upward direction beneath the shellac nail polish. You will experience that some of the scraps would be ready to fall off on its own and with little work with manicure stick, they are completely leaving the nails.

6. Once you are sure that all the shellac nail polish and its residues have been completely removed from the nails, wash your hands with lukewarm water and soap. Since acetone treatment left the cuticles and the skin exposed to it dry and parched with little white tinge and residues, the soap helps to remove the white color from the nails and the warm water helps to sustain the lost moisture to some extent.

7. Just after washing the hands apply a good amount of lotion and cuticle oil thoroughly over your hands and fingernails. Acetone would have left your skin dry and therefore the application of a good branded lotion or moisturizer along with cuticle oil specially made to replenish the lost moisture of the cuticles could help you save your sanity giving your hands a natural glow and look.


B. Wrapping the Nails:

Well, this is another method of your query of how to remove shellac nail polish at home. If you also wonder as for how to remove shellac glitter polish then this method can be applied for your enlightenment as well. To help you remove the nail polish with this method you would need:

  • Sterile cotton pads
  • Aluminum strips
  • Cuticle oil
  • Cotton
  • Acetone

1. Take sterile cotton pads and cut them in small squares such that they can fit the nails of your fingers. Along with this, cut the aluminum foil as well around 7-8 cm log. The intention is to secure the fingernails with the help of aluminum foil properly so try to make them as big as they can make the nails securely wrapped. Make ten pairs of cotton pads and aluminum foil one for each finger. Cotton balls can replace the cotton pads if needed.

2. After preparing the above items, rub the cuticle oil properly over the cuticles to make them well moisturized and soft and thus preventing them from unnecessary drying out while undergoing the further procedures.

3. Take the cotton pads or the cotton balls and soak them in the acetone or the nail polish remover which contains acetone. If you are using a nail polish remover free from acetone then you will not be able to fetch the desired result as the shellac nail polish is hard to remove with the nail polish removers that didn’t contain acetone.

4. Once the cotton pads or balls are soaked properly with the acetone put them straight away upon the nails so that they properly cover them.

5. Immediately tie the aluminum strips over the cotton balls in the fingernails so that they securely cover up the nails with the cotton balls or pads. Try to wrap them around in an easy and secure manner so that neither the balls fall off from the nails nor the circulation system gets hampered. Just the perfect wrapping will give the best result. Since the acetone will come in direct contact with the nails and the wrapped aluminum foil will impart heat, the removal procedure would take place more easily and immediately.

6. Once wrapped properly, leave your hands as such for around 5-10 minutes. Although the acetone starts working immediately and may give result but waiting for about 10 minutes will give the exact kind of outcome you needed. After 10 minutes unwrap the foil and remove the cotton pads one by one from the fingernails. You will see that the flakes of shellac are scraping out from the nails by its own and falling off.

7. You can make use of manicure stick if you think that some residues are taking time to fall off by their own from the nails. Make the upward strokes from the outer edge of the stick and eliminate all the shellac flakes from the nails. You may also make use of cotton balls dipped in acetone if there are some shellacs still attached to the nails.

8. Once the nails totally get rid of the shellac nail polish, wipe them off with the help of some clean cloth to clear away the white tinge that has left in the nails due to acetone. Wash the hands and fingernails with warm water and soap to make them clean completely.

9. Since the acetone has sucked out a lot of moisture content from the nails and the skin exposed to it, apply a lotion on the hands thoroughly and the cuticle oil over the nails so that the lost moisture and the required suppleness can be achieved back again.

So with these simple and extremely easy methods, one can easily remove the shellac nail polish or even the glitter nail polish at home. Some people also try different other homemade methods. Some wonder as for how to remove nail polish from toothpaste then for this all you need toothpaste and baking soda which is a well known cleaning agent. Properly mix them and rub them over the nails to get a fine end result.

Try the above simple methods and make your nails free to polish them again with a different color this time. Let your nails feel alive and breathing for some time and then apply another attractive color to make them glorious all over again.

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