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Leather Jacket Outfits Ideas Woman’s 2019

Men and women both can appreciate the attitude and heritage that comes with a leather jacket. A style that was once synonymous with outcasts, punks, and rebels, is now a universally flattering style statement. Leather jackets are a staple in every well-rounded closet. A timeless classic that transitions effortlessly from one season into the next without expensive upkeep, leather jackets are those pieces in your closet that make you look like you put a lot more effort in your outfit.

Styling is an art form that not all of us are skilled with. Everyone has their sense of style. Some like to keep it casual and minimal whereas others prefer to make a statement with their chic apparel. When it comes to styling leather jackets, you can style your jacket in a variety of ways and pair them with an array of outfits. Dress them up or dress them down depending on the occasion. Regardless, the one thing that is constant, a leather jacket never fails to impress.

Leather Jacket Outfits Styling Ideas Woman’s 

Following are some basics about styling a leather jacket. Here is how you can sport your killer jacket in style.

  • Amp up Your Athleisure

Athleisure has been a hot trend for a while now. Effortlessly chic yet super casual, what’s not to love about athleisure? While the trend has been super popular for a few years now, some still associate athleisure with sleepwear. So, how do you take your athleisure game up a notch? It’s simple. Just throw your leather jacket on top. Wear your favorite sweatshirt, pants, and sneakers and complete your ensemble with a sexy leather jacket and you have your perfect casual chic outfit ready to go; that too with minimal effort.

  • Dress With an Edge

Dresses are great. They are comfortable, breezy, flirty, and feminine; there is no one who does not love dresses. There are some days however when you want to add a little something more to your dress. Some days it is a chic and beautiful cardigan, on other days, a leather jacket is all that your look calls for. Rogue, badass, and edgy, leather jackets give your outfit an instant transformation from timid and boring to bold and daring. For the perfect feminine yet sexy look, try an edgy biker jacket over a lace dress with ankle boots.

  • All Black Everything

Monochrome outfits are a timeless style statement, especially when it is all black. Black is a universally flattering color. For the perfect all-black ensemble, your best friend is a black leather jacket. If you are looking to pack on a punch, this is all you need. Black jeans, a black tee, black boots and your sexy black leather jacket on top; is there anything more chic and sexy than that? If you wish to go the dress route, wear a little black dress, black leggings, black heels, and a black leather jacket draped effortlessly over your shoulders. Stunning and stellar, this outfit is perfect for a night out about town. Less is more. That could not be truer for an all-black ensemble. It is simple, it is classy, and it is super chic; always a crowd pleaser.

  • Layers on Layers

A challenge many of us have to face choosing between fashion and comfort. Our priorities lean towards one or the other. Some days, it’s all about comfort, on other days, dress to impress reigns supreme. Leather jackets are excellent for layering. Since leather jackets are not super warm, during the colder months, you need an added layer of insulation if you are to prevent yourself from freezing to ice. Unless you are a superhuman who can bear extremely cold temperatures with ease, layering is the fix you need to get through the chilly months in style. Throw a hoodie or a sweater or long sleeved tee under your jacket to stay warm yet look super chic and stylish.

  • Work Ready Outfits

Leather jackets may seem like they cannot be worn to work owing to their badass rep, but leather jackets are versatile enough to be incorporated in your business casual wardrobe capsule with the utmost ease. The lapels on a leather jacket resemble those of a classic blazer. This gives your outfit a structured look without being too warm or suffocating. Wear your jacket over pants and a button-down, a pencil skirt and blouse or over a dress. All you need to ensure is to opt for simple cuts and styles because you have to be mindful about the workplace.  

  • A Splash of Color

Neutral tones are the best. They are safe, reliable, and never disappoint. Not to forget, they are perfect for literally all kinds of social settings. While neutral staple hues are great, there is nothing like a fun pop of color. Step away from the browns and blacks and give something else a try for a refreshing change. Be it a bright green a hot red, a chic deep sea blue or something bold like yellow; colored leather jackets are incredible. A super popular trend that is making waves, fun colored jackets are the answer to all your boring closet woes. If you are looking for that perfect “fun” leather jacket but just cannot seem to find one that fits your fancy, get a custom leather jacket and get a taste of luxury that is beyond your imagination.

  • Clean, Simple, and Classic

If you are someone who prefers to keep it simple and classic, this is the look for you. While experimenting with different looks is great, there is nothing quite comparable to the classic jeans and jacket outlook. Ripped blue jeans, a classic bomber or motorcycle leather jacket, a clean white tee, and a statement pair of boots to tie the whole look together; this look never disappoints. Whether it is a casual day running errands, a day about town, or exploring a place unknown, this look will look effortlessly perfect every time.

What makes leather jackets particularly great is their versatility in terms of styling. There is an endless number of ways in which you can style your leather jacket in a way that makes you look like a million bucks. The first contemporary looking leather jacket style first hit the market in 1928. Between then and now, leather jackets have been featured in an endless array of cult flicks. Pop culture is the one to accredit as it gave leather jackets the recognition they deserved. Today, leather jackets are one of the most exquisite additions in one’s wardrobe. Durable, reliable, versatile, and functional, when properly taken care of, a leather jacket can last you decades. If you are looking to invest in a leather jacket, rest assured, it will be worth every penny.



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