Makeup Tricks for Girls with Glasses

Girls and Makeup: An everlasting love-hate relationship. And an especially tricky one if you are a girl who wears glasses. True, contact lenses help with the everyday getting-ready struggle, but not everyone can wear contacts nor can you wear them all the time. Also, glasses have become extremely cool and hip lately. So instead of reaching for your contacts, go through the following makeup tips and browse glasses frames to find the perfect pair that fits you and your style.

Always Apply Concealer

You probably think you can skip concealer on your good face day – no pimples, no redness, why bother? Well, it’s probably worth bothering for that minute or two that it takes to apply. Although many believe glasses can hide your dark circles and under-eye bags, they can’t. On the contrary, the lenses can magnify the circles and make them bigger, darker, and more obvious. Therefore, make concealer your primary makeup tool from now on if you want to have a fresh look.

Use Waterproof Mascara

One of the most worrying concerns that haunts glasses-wearers is the fear of getting makeup under the frames or over your lenses. Hence, start using a setting powder, carefully choose your mascara, and replace the old one on time. Waterproof mascara is the best choice you can make here because it will not transfer onto the glasses. When applying mascara, make sure to put emphasis on the root of your eyelashes, not on the tips, in order to prevent it from flaking off on your lenses.

Lay Really Low on Eyeshadow

This, however, does not mean that girls with glasses are banned from playing with eyeshadows. But if you decide to do so, our advice is to stick with natural shades, like rose gold or brown, and apply it all over your eyelids and blend it into the crease of your eyes so it does not look heavy through your lenses. And one practical tip – use primer before applying eyeshadow for a firmer base.

Step up Your Eyebrow Game

Pencil, gel, or simply brush your eyebrows upward and downward for a richer and more dominant shape. Eyebrows frame your glasses, which frame your face, so it is extremely important to pay attention to how you style them. If you are having trouble growing them, there are various natural ways you can look up to help speed up the natural process.

Match Your Makeup with Your Frames

Of course, this does not mean you should have dozens and dozens of frames to complement each of your makeup looks. You should simply take the color of your glasses frames into consideration when deciding on the shade of your eyeliner or eyeshadow. However, with the most common and safe choice of solid black frames, you have nothing to worry about.

Be Bold with Lipstick Color

Your glasses draw lots of attention, and you certainly do not want them to overshadow the rest of your facial features. Go for a bright and flamboyant lipstick color to match your daily mood. A bright red lip color and glasses go together unbelievably well!

A Cat Eye Look is Always a Safe Choice

Winged or cat eye looks let you create the shape you want your eyes to be. The whole idea is to help your eyes stand out boldly, rather than making them appear sunken back or too large, depending on which glasses you are wearing – nearsighted or farsighted.  Just like with mascara, it is highly recommended for girls with glasses to opt for a waterproof eyeliner as well. You do not want things to get too messy underneath those magnifiers.

Obviously, no one should ever say that looking good is an easy job, but a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do. Wearing glasses is nothing to be ashamed of, nor is it any sort of limitation when it comes to fashion and beauty. What’s more, it’s just an extra accessory you can play with. So hey, do not ever think you cannot look spectacular while showing off your spectacles.

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