Fitness for Men: The Busy Man’s Guide to Getting in Shape

The daily routine and schedule of a modern gentleman can get quite hectic at times. So much so, in fact, that upholding a healthy fitness regime and sticking to a strict meal plan can seem like insurmountable challenges that you never find the time to take on. Before you know it, you’re a successful businessman, a stylish dresser who always smells like a million bucks, and an amazing father, but your health and well-being start to deteriorate.

Over time, this can take a drastic toll on your psychological health, ultimately paving the road to more serious health issues. Here to help you ensure a future of health and vibrancy is the fitness guide every busy man should uphold.

It all starts with having a schedule

If your life is generally busy and somewhat hectic, then chances are that you already have a strict schedule you need to stick to on a daily basis. That’s good, so you have the first step covered, you’re organized and dedicated. All you have to do now is figure out where the little empty time slots are that can accommodate your workout sessions a couple of times a week.

Remember, you needn’t train every single day, so all you have to do is pick three or four days where you can put a solid 45 minutes of work into building a healthy, strong physique you can be proud of. For a busy bee like yourself, this will probably be something like the early morning as soon as you wake up. It will allow you to take care of this chore before the day even starts, so that you can crush your other goals with ease.

Learn the art of meal-prepping

Meal preparation is a busy man’s way to an amazing physique and a healthy lifestyle, despite the chaotic nature of his daily schedule. When you know that you have prepared all of your major meals for the upcoming week, there is little stopping you from building the body you’re after, and sticking to a healthy diet plan that will keep you out of the doctor’s office for years to come. Now, before you dismiss the idea completely, keep in mind that meal preparation can be a breeze if you get it right.

You can start by researching some healthy, easy-to-make meals that can last a while in the fridge. Next, go ahead and buy a bunch of food containers and a food scale. Now all you have to do is devote a lazy Sunday afternoon to preparing the bulk of your meals for the upcoming week. Simply remember to take a meal with you to work and you should be right as rain!

Ditch the gym, exercise at home

Don’t have time to hit the gym? Great, you don’t need to anyway, as there are numerous ways to uphold a fitness lifestyle and sculpt the body of your dreams by exercising at home. In fact, by creating a nice little fitness studio of your own and getting some key exercise equipment to help you target your entire body, you can easily save time and stay devoted to your cause.

All you need is to tailor your fitness nook (or room) to your fitness goals. If you’re gunning for maximum strength gain, then you’ll need a power rack where you can do your squats, rows, and pressing exercises. If you’re aiming for muscle gain, be sure to get an adjustable bench and a dumbbell rack so that you can hit your muscles from all angles. And lastly, use an assault air bike, a rowing machine, or a treadmill to increase your explosiveness and cardiovascular endurance.

Optimize every workout session

Workouts don’t have to last a long time, and in fact, there are a number of ways you can expedite your training sessions while getting a ton of valuable work in. The first thing you should try is whole-body training. Exercising every muscle group every training session will allow you to even out your routine and give every muscle the love it deserves, which will lead to a more balanced physique.

Next, you can shorten the workouts by grouping antagonistic muscle groups together and doing them in consecutive order. For instance, as soon as you’re done with your bench press, go into your rows, and then finish it off with squats. Follow the same mindset to get a lot of work in without losing precious time.


It’s not easy being a successful man in the modern world, what with the challenges of your personal and professional life weighing down on your every single day. Nevertheless, you can easily introduce a healthy fitness routine into your schedule by following these time-tested methods the world’s busiest men swear by.


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