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The most common problem of any lady is finding the most suitable bra for herself. Whether you are in your teens or touching the old age, to find the right bra with exact size is always a dilemma. It is reported that around 78% of women didn’t wear the correct bra with the right size. If you also sail in the same boat then this article is meant just for you. Here we will talk about the push-up bra and give you all the required details about it. We will resolve your query as for WHAT IS A PUSH-UP BRA and what are its benefits. We will also deal with as for HOW TO MAKE PUSH-UP BRA through simple DIY steps at the home using easily available materials.

Well, first of all, let me clear that a push-up bra is for all; whatever the age and size you are of. Although they work best for women with smaller breasts but they can be used by anyone to get fuller looking bosom. The main purpose of a push bra is to support your breast and lift it up making it look more appealing and curvaceous. It will bring sexy and feminine cleavage and enhance your overall figure. The angled and padded cups in it push the breasts upwards towards the center of the chest. This gives a round and curvaceous appearance to the breasts. The support provided by the push-up bras are very comfortable and snuggly.


When it comes to fashion we want to look our best. Right from clothes to shoes we gear up ourselves with the best we can afford. But if you are getting that pretty dress on without wearing the right bra then my dear lady you’ll lose all the grace. Push up bra could be your ultimate rescuer here. If you are wondering how then take an insight on the benefits of push up bra.

While a normal bra supports the breasts, a push-up bra along with a comfy support give a fuller look to your breasts.

A push-up bra will create the most feminine cleavage giving you a sexy and seductive look increasing your style quotient as well.


From ladies with small breasts to those having larger cup sizes, a push-up bra enhances the bosom of everyone just at the right place.

The padding gives extra support and can be worn for any occasion be it an evening dress for a party or a formal shirt in the office.

If you want to give a try on push up bra then the good news for you is you can make a push-up bra by your own as well. Let’s know as for HOW TO MAKE A PUSH-UP BRA at home in few simple steps. The main things you need are:

A bra having two layers in the cup area.
A scissor
Two zip lock bags
Some squishy or gelatinous substance which could be a lotion, waxy substance or even mashed potatoes or cooked and mashed rice.

The Simple Six Steps Involved in Making the Push-Up Bra are:

1. Take the ziplock bags and fill it up with the squishy substance you are using to make a push-up bra for yourself. Put the amount of squishy substance as per the desired size you want to have.

2. Try to fill the ziplock bags evenly because if you won’t do so people can easily notice that there is something wrong with your bra or breasts. Also, the uneven squishy substance may group up at one place giving an odd look.

3. Zip the locks tightly and spread the substance evenly making all the air to escape the bag. Make double sure that both the bags look twin copy of each other. You, of course, don’t want people to notice that you have worked extra to give your cleavage a sexy look.

4. Now make a small incision in your two layered cupped bras with the help of a scissor. The incision needs to be big enough so that the zip lock bags can be inserted inside. You can fold the zip lock bag and gently slide them inside the two separated layers.

5. Now you’ll find that the volume of the cups has been increased and they look much fuller than before.

So with these simple accessories and method, you can try out making a push-up bra for yourself. So if you are going to a party and need to become the center of attraction then try on one push up bra and get all the desired attention in one go. It’s been reported that men like it that way. Don’t forget that a little push in the right direction can create wonders in your personality.

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