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Spring and Summer 2017 Fashion Collection from SUNO Inspired by Kandinsky’s Work

Patterns? Check! Color?  Double check! Bold, brave, beautiful clothes any woman can mix, match, and play with? SUNO’s Spring and Summer 2017 has it all.

Though it was designed in New York City, the Spring and Summer 2017 collection from emerging label SUNO makes use of fabrics from Kenya, Tanzania, Japan, Korea, and Italy. After undergoing development in the United States, specifically the New York City Garment District, and the garments in this internationally-touched collection are then artisanal produced in small workshops in Nairobi, Kenya.

SUNO is known for their willingness to embrace colour and pattern play. Fashioners can take inspiration from the engaging and bright pieces that make fine use of the colour spectrum from head to toe.

The Man Behind the Label

The brainchild behind SUNO is Max Osterweis – surprisingly, a filmmaker and screenwriter by trade – who formed the label in 2008 after more than a decade of collecting textiles from his visits to Kenya.


Osterweis was particularly troubled by Kenya’s recent post-election turmoil, and the potential for visitors to be prevented from visiting or investing in a country that is rich in natural resources and talent. This motivated him to build a company that employs local Kenyan talent while showcasing some of the nation’s artistry.

Art Inspiring the Artist

The inspiration for this latest collection from SUNO came from Armand Lanoux’s book about Paris in the 1920s and one of painter Wassily Kandinsky’s works featured within its pages (“Spitzen Im Bogen” from 1927). Known for the use of color and shape in his art, Kandinsky is a natural source of motivation and stimulation for this color-friendly and shape-brave label, particularly the Spring/Summer 2017 collection.

SUNO has taken extremes and excesses, experiments and perversions, and manifested them into a creative showing of what is, essentially, wearable art. Their eco-friendly ensembles imbue a fresh meaning to the oft-used phrase “mix and match” – but, in the case of SUNO, the possibilities really are endless and always intriguing.

Previous SUNO Collections

SUNO’s two previous collections were inspired by the women of coastal East Africa as well as the easily recognizable downtown Manhattan woman. While the Spring/Summer 2016 collection consisted of 1,000 individually numbered one-of-a-kind pieces incorporating vintage Kenyan kangas, the Fall/Winter 2016 collection included tie-dyes, kangas, wools, and woven from Kenya, Tanzania, Japan, and Italy.

Fashion-Forward Fans of SUNO


Celebrity fans of SUNO include Michelle Obama, Rihana, Gwen Stefani, Sofia Coppola, and Julianne Moore.

SUNO can be found at various retailers internationally including Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, Ikram in Chicago, Enny Di Monaco in Athens, Liberty in London, Maria Luisa in Paris, and Max in Boulder, Colorado.

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