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Summer Life Hacks to Make You Cool

Summers are on their way and the scorching sun is not in the mood to leave anyone of us to remain cool and calm. The sweaty and perspiring days are about to being. If you are also one of them who are looking for some cool and fresh summer life hacks that can protect you from making insane with the boiling temperature, then we have jotted few awesome tips just for you. By following them, even the sun could become jealous of you. So why not try them and let the sweaty disaster say a goodbye for this summer?

1. Lose is the new cool:

Pack your tight pants and body-hugging tops and put them straight away in the trunk until the summer settles down. The loser your clothes, the more airy will be the ambiance. Wear loose fitting and flowing clothes for keeping the sweat at bay.

2. Time to change the bra:

This is the ultimate summer life hack that will make you feel fresh from inside. While padded ones are going to make you sweat, unlined ones will give you more liveliness and vibrancy.

3. No more flimsy fabrics this summer:

Light weighted structured clothes that don’t stick with the sweat and give much air to breathe are the best ones to have on summers. While the synthetic ones used to trap the heat increasing the sweat formation, cotton ones are good enough that allow air to pass naturally, giving utmost comfort. Choose light colors and clothes that cover most of your body part to be protected from harmful radiations.

4. Open weave knits get the maximum breeze:

Apart from looking trendy and fashionable, the open weave knits increase the style quotient and also give enough space for the air to pass. Thus, become one major option to consider while choosing what to wear as the best summer life hack.

5. Hot shower=cool you:

Yes, you heard me right and I’m not joking. A hot shower in the summers not just give you coolness once you get out from the bathroom since the body lowers its internal temperature but also removes dirt and dead skin cells better than the cold one.

6. Fresh clothes freshen up your persona:

Wearing sweaty and smelly clothes not only looks awful but also the dirt and dust equipped in it make them less breathable and thus more heat.

7. A big NO to embellishments:

Heavy beads, metal straps and intense finishing make the clothes heavy and less breathable. They only add layers to your clothes which are least desirable in summers.

8. Accessories:

A cool hat, trendy glasses and light colored scarf are good to go with. Avoid jewelry and backpacks. A sling or tote bag will increase the style quotient and make you look unsullied and vivacious.

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