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What to Wear to Hot Yoga and Tips For Beginners

The benefits of hot yoga are not escaped from anyone. Whether you are a fitness freak or looking for some exercise to adopt on a daily routine, hot yoga could be your ultimate destination to make your body relax and in shape both at the same time. Here we will discuss some of the beneficial facts about hot yoga with little know-how like what to wear to hot yoga, what diet to maintain while doing hot yoga and a few tips for hot yoga that could make your experience with it more enjoyable and worthwhile. So with the coming summers and scorching sun, hot yoga could be your vital fitness regimen.

Hot yoga in a broad sense can be described as a practice of performing yoga aasans (poses) in hot and humid condition. The warm temperature is maintained in the room which is generally around 40 degree centigrade along with 40% humidity. In such artificially created or naturally warm condition, different poses of yoga are performed to get the health benefits and advantages that hot yoga enfolds. It ultimately leads to profuse sweating and perspiring and thus burning a lot of calories. In another way round it can be explained that with yoga poses and increased heat in the body the flexibility is elevated and body’s balance is maintained. Although apart from these there are several hidden benefits of it.


Once you decide to inculcate hot yoga in your routine, the main question arises as what to wear to hot yoga. Since it is been practiced in very warm and humid condition so until the proper attire is not worn, one won’t be able to enjoy and took benefits out of it. With warm temperature, it doesn’t mean one need to be close to as naked as possible to cool out. With just the right choice of decent clothes, the whole experience could become memorable. So let’s take an insight as for how and what to wear to the hot yoga class that could give comfort and style both.

1. Yoga Pants:


While talking about the lower half of the body, a perfect yoga pant would suit the best for performing different poses. If you are thinking that smallest shorts would be the greatest choice since most of the legs will get uncovered for air, tight fitted capris till knee length would be comparatively a better choice. Since you are going to sweat a lot so small shorts will make the legs slippery to perform yoga poses that make use of balancing with the legs. Apart from this, always try to get pants big enough to hide the inside view while stretching. Many people experience the pants becoming almost transparent while bending forward. A stretchable pant would be therefore a must have apparel while going for hot yoga class.

P.S: You must do a few poses before the mirror in the trial room of the store while you are buying a yoga pant for yourself. This will make sure that you have opted just the right pant for yourself that will not give a sneak-peak inside your body to the fellow people and your yoga teacher.

2. Yoga Tops:

Here again one needs to be little cautious as what to wear. While you must opt for a well-fitted bra that could support the breasts fully, a close fitted tank top along with it will go just perfect for the hot yoga. Oversized tops fall down from neck while doing downward facing poses so try avoiding them. Apart from this, the fabric must be chosen carefully. If you thinking to have a cotton top, then being made from maximum sweat absorbing fabric they could become little heavy after 10-15 minutes of intense hot yoga. So prefer athletic fabrics that are made to feel much dryer for a longer period of time.

P.S: Perform a few poses before mirror especially the downward aasans to make sure you didn’t give an inside peek by accident to your teacher and fellow people.

Top 8 Hot Yoga Tips and Advice 

Apart from these certain tips for hot yoga if followed in a proper way could make your practice sensible and sagacious. these are:

  • A nicely sanitizable yoga mat that could absorb your dropping sweats is a must have product while going for hot yoga classes. Nonslippery with a good grip and thickness is the best choice.
  • One needs to tie the hair properly so that they won’t fall on the face while performing the poses. A ponytail or braids are just perfect to go with. Don’t try stylish hairdo as too much sweating will not maintain your hairstyle the way you wanted. For heavy sweaters, a bandana is an ideal choice to let the sweat at bay coming in the eyes.
  • Makeup is a strict NO while going for hot yoga class and by now you must have concluded as for why. Too much sweat will automatically wipe away all your make-up just after 5 minutes of heavy perspiration. So you’ll be wasting your time and cosmetics both.
  • Always keep a water bottle handy while heading for hot yoga. You are going to perspire a lot and you will feel a hell lot of thirsty afterward.
  • A towel for heavy to low sweaters is one must have product in the bag.

  • Listen to your teacher carefully as one wrong pose could make you feel guilty later. Some poses are so difficult to do that if you don’t follow the instructions carefully you may end up harming yourself.
  • Ask as many queries with your teacher and discuss all that you need to know. Ask about all the alignments because one wrong alignment may increase your chance of injury.
  • One important thing to remember is that during and after the class when you will sweat heavily, do not wipe it again and again. This will close the pores and body will again produce sweat in that area to cool it. It is best to let it flow with the ambiance and cool your body naturally.

With these tips, you are certainly going to turn your experience meaningful and amazing. But once you start following hot yoga passionately and really need to draw out the benefits from it, you had to follow certain diet regimen as well. There are special diets that if followed seriously before and after hot yoga could elevate the advantages manifolds. Fueling yourself in just the right way could make your body well nourished before hitting the mat and maintain the loss of water and electrolytes after the intense sweating that you’ll get from hot yoga sessions. Let’s take a brief view in the context.

What to Eat Before Hot Yoga

Heavy food rich in oil and calories is better to avoid before going to hot yoga classes. Since such food takes a lot of time to digest, may end up making you feel unsettled and queasy. The lighter the snacks you grump, the lighter will your body would feel while performing different poses of hot yoga. Try to have the meal at least 30-40 minutes prior to hitting the studio. This will give enough time for the food to digest and elevate your energy bar.

Apart from this splurge on those that are easy on your system. Try to have the foods that don’t make you feel gassy or your stomach bloated. Of course, you don’t want to get embarrassed while doing yoga so stick what your mind and stomach allows. If your heart is tempting on some particular food that you think won’t be perfect before hitting the mat, skip it totally. Complex carbohydrates with simple sugars will be the best kind of food to hop on before hot yoga so that the energy remains for a longer period of time.

Some simple and better options could be slices of fruits preferably banana or apple dipped in peanut butter, dates stuffed with almond butter and granola bars and energy bites. Water is also an important aspect to consider for while going to the hot yoga classes. But again here you need to be cautious as NOT to drink too much of water. Instead you may prefer taking few sips at regular intervals. Full bladder would not only be uncomfortable but also compel you to the frequent trips to the loo in between the session.

What to Eat After Hot Yoga:

Well, once the session gets over you yourself will feel an instant urge to drink a lot of water. Too much perspiration and physical movements will let you take a bottle full of water and get all of it inside your throat. But my dear friend, take it easy. Engulfing too much water at once may cause bloating. You may also drink sips of water during the course of the session if you wish. Other than normal water, you may also try different hydrating drinks like coconut water or fruit juices. Watermelon or cucumber could also be a good treat for the dehydrated body.

Protein is one element that body needs in a good quantity after intense yoga sessions. Rebuilding cells to cover up the muscles extra workout can be replenished with a diet rich in proteins. Yogurt, low-fat cow milk, hard boiled eggs, meat, and cheese could be the possible options to help to rebuild the cells. Apart from protein, sugary foods like fruits also help to elevate the lost energy quickly. So you could splurge on foods rich in protein and glucose along with water that your body automatically will crave for.

While hot yoga can increase the flexibility, aerobic capacity and physical strength of the body; doing it properly and ardently with the intake of the proper diet can give other paybacks also like the hidden benefits of hot yoga for the skin and glow of your face.

Benefits of Hot Yoga 

Here are a few benefits that you could take advantage of by practicing hot yoga. No wonder people are attracting towards this trend of the fitness regimen to be maintained and updated. Once reading the perks, no wonder you will also register yourself to the nearest hot yoga studio.

  1. The most significant benefit is detoxification. Too much sweating flush out all the toxins from the body and releases all toxic elements from the body thus a clean version of you.
  2. Stretching increases the flexibility of the body, unwinding it and making it more relax and loosen up.
  3. Performing yoga under hot and humid condition allow the heart to pump more blood across the body thus elevating the heart rate and more hard work by the body. This, in turn, increases the flexibility and reduces the stiffness of muscles.
  4. Skin glows and becomes more vibrant while doing hot yoga on regular basis. The opening of the pores through heavy perspiration cleans them thoroughly and give a fresher look and thus making you look younger and vivacious.
  5. Improves the overall circulatory system of the body along with digestion and respiration. When all the systems start performing just the way they should, the immunity gets strengthen up and become more robust.

Hence one can summarize hot yoga as an ultimate source of rejuvenation and renewal of the whole system of the body. People who practice hot yoga are often reported to get fewer cold and cough as compared to normal people. Apart from the physical benefits people also become mentally stronger and balanced when including hot yoga in their routine. Increasing the flexibility, strength, energy, mental state, and emotional equilibrium, hot yoga is the source of joy and pleasure both. So enjoy with this awesome guidance and tips related to hot yoga. Practice it with full zeal and experience the changed you. Have a Happy Hot Yoga session!

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