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What Shoes to Wear with Navy Dress

In Fashion, the age-old Question is what color works well with another color. This is such a serious question that fashion designers have made a multitude of sub-categories for every color in the rainbow.

This question brings up a dilemma. What color of shoes goes best with a navy dress. We hope to answer that question below.

What is Navy Blue

To answer a question, you need to ask one. The color navy blue has been labeled as a neutral color. That means it has a wide range of accessories that go with it. Finding the right shows to go with a navy dress remains a difficult task.

The Color Wheel Influence

The principle behind the color wheel is that opposites attract. The opposite colors make the best partners according to the color wheel. This means you can wear orange shoes with a navy dress- if you are brave enough. But orange is not the only color that is opposite to navy blue.

Then those analogous colors, those colors that are next to navy blue on the color wheel, also go well with that color. Turquoise is next to navy blue on the color wheel so that it would make a great partner for a navy dress. But again, turquoise is not the only color next to navy blue on the color wheel, so the choice is still not that simple.

But, there is a third option in this decision. There are other neutral colors that work well with navy blue. Tan, crème, beige and other light brown colors all would go well with a navy dress.

Finally, the metallic colors also work well with a navy dress. If you prefer gold, silver or bronze colored shoes, then they would work with any navy dress you prefer.

What about Black Shoes

The fashion experts have usually turned their noses up at the thought of wearing black shoes with a navy dress. The reverse, black dress with navy colored shoes also do not turn on many fashion consultants.

There are some fashion experts who say throw out the navy dress with black shoes rule. You look more sophisticated with black shoes, and they give you a more flattering look as well.

So black is still a candidate for this discussion.

All the Colors of the World

To rewrite an old song, “red, yellow, black and white, the navy dress loves them all. And all are precious on its site.” In other words, there is not a color that navy blue does not like. You can wear just about any color with a navy dress and still look good.

Though that idea may not work with purple shoes with pink and yellow polka dots. In the end, the experts disagree and do not help; the color wheel is of no help either. The only idea that seems to provide any guidance is the fact that navy blue is a neutral color and just about any color shoe will go with a neutral color- including black.

What Does this Tell Women?

The simple message this sends to women is that they should not worry so much about the colors they are wearing. As long as they have shoes and a dress, they are good to go. The guidelines do not help as almost all colors work well with navy blue.

Then there are those women who do not care about fashion rules or guidelines. They like to think outside the box. Make a statement or simply draw more attention to themselves. These women will where any color, even purple with pink and yellow polka dots with a navy dress.

They will where the wrong color of shoes with a navy dress if it achieves their purpose.

Thus, to answer the question which color of shoes to wear with a navy dress, we say it doesn’t matter. Just wear a pair of shoes with a good color that is comfortable and won’t hurt your feet.

One color we will say not to wear with navy blue is bright red. Women with bright red shoes are like those women who wear red lipstick. It doesn’t look good at any time.

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