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Winter Fashion Trends and Fabric Ideas

Get your wardrobe ready for cold weather. Certain styles and fabrics are especially popular this season. Keep those factors in mind when planning those winter sewing patterns.

Winter Fashion Fabric Trends

A number of fabrics are fashionable this season. Ones with rich textures and shiny, shimmering finishes are especially popular, such as velvet. Several types of print fabrics are in demand. These include large and small scale floral prints in both bright and subdued shades. Paisley, prints from the 1960’s, and the Liberty prints are experiencing popularity as well.

  • Animal prints seem to be common this winter. These fabrics are ideal for sewing bags, hats, and clothing. Depending on the garment style, these can be dressy enough for most any occasion.
  • Plaids along with tartans and checks in all sorts of colors are common seasonal choices. Black and white plaids as well as tan ones seem to be the favored shades.
  • Tweeds are valued for their rich textures and colors. Look for these materials when sewing jackets, coats, and slacks. Black/white and gray/white are highly popular colors for tweeds.
  • Faux fur in all colors is an exceptionally trendy trim this winter. Use this on a range of garments from sweaters and vests to jackets and coats. Add this to necklines, hems, cuffs, lapels, and pocket edges.


  • Khaki is popular as well. This is often made into vests, jackets, and slacks. For a change, sew a belted khaki vest. Khaki looks very nice with faux fur trim.
  • Wool remains a mainstay for winter wear, especially black ones. Often, this is the fabric of choice when sewing skirts.
  • Dyed leather in seen in about every shade, particularly white, black, and blue. This can be used for casual and dressy garments. Choose this fabric for dresses, slacks, and even jumpsuits.


  • Black lambskin is an unusual fabric that seems to shimmer. When sewing slacks and skirts, this is a suitable material.
  • Lace is one of the surprise materials for winter fashion this year. Use it as a trim and as a fabric. This is suitable for two piece dresses, women’s jackets, and jabots. For a trendy look, combine leather with lace.


Winter Clothing Pattern Selection

When choosing sewing-patterns for winter clothing people need to keep the following fashion trends in mind. While some of the styles are glamorous, elegant, or romantic, others appear down-to-earth. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the military style is still popular. This often combines olive green with neutrals.

The trench coat style has expanded to include dresses. Trench dresses are generally sleeveless or short sleeved. Make a long sleeved top to wear underneath this dress.


The full circle skirt from the 1950s and1960s is back. Sew a fitted top to wear with this. Corset tops are also suitable.

Regarding length, skirts and dresses are getting longer. While some skirts reach just below the knees, other styles are floor-length. Layering is the preferred style this season. Sew tunics and coordinating long sleeved tops. Wear these with slacks.

Some of the season’s styles are eclectic. Bohemian fashions are making a comeback. Patchwork and tie dye are also very popular.

As is the case with home furnishings, ruffles and trims of all sorts are very plentiful this season in the fashion world. When sewing clothing, you can add ruffles to most any garment. Ideas include everything from jackets and coats to skirts.


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